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Learn Pot Limit Omaha with Howie! Watch as Howie breaks down Pot Limit omaha, from preflop hand selection, to betting sizes, agression, raising vs. limping preflop, playing against weak opponents,…
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  • losebiramnickove 4 years ago

    @Alexru88 Nope. You can make hand from 3 board cards and 2 hole cards. No
    other way.

  • MrDonses 4 years ago

    OMG he folded top pair top kicker

  • jasminetomcat 4 years ago

    @cdleeman i love getting my nuts bluffed

  • Alexru88 4 years ago

    But at 4:12 u didn”t hit a Full House? 999KK?

  • Alexander Grosse 4 years ago

    why would u rais middle set in PLO ?? with all those draw outs ? how about
    pot control ? . . .

  • nardinit 4 years ago

    It’s up and running bro

  • Spubix 4 years ago

    Is that so, where do you play at?

  • PloWarrior1 4 years ago

    nice, check out my plo poker channel for plo cash games and plo mtt
    gameplay and strategy

  • MrCordezzz 4 years ago

    very good video. thank you so much

  • Tony Wu 4 years ago

    Played so many hands passively… Then i flopped a straight flush, betted a
    little, everyone folded. :( NOOoOoooOoOoOo

  • achraf frioui 4 years ago

    wots the name of this poker website guys? thx

  • Good video mate i play also at Full tilt 50/100 PLO LooseMyMyind.
    everything you say i already know ofcourse but for beginners it’s a very
    good video keep it up!

  • stepminestepminestep 4 years ago

    5:48 to 5:50…hence trip 99 when one of the 7s was in his hand K 9 7 , 2
    spades, 2 people behind.. That was like a pretty borderline thing. But
    absolutely a place where one could be totally dead and his redraws were to
    2nd best or worse straight with a board that was not “rainbowed”. I am not
    sure what I would have done there but, I would put more of an emphasis on
    the opponent’s tendencies there because of the circumstances.

  • Urbura 4 years ago


  • jimmah55555 4 years ago

    You have proven again that you are a donk. Learn to play, get off the play
    chips and go 2 real money. Dumb kid

  • jackmaster15 4 years ago

    thank you for a legit tutorial video. Jesus

  • ILuvTechnoMusic 4 years ago

    lol nice :)

  • izaak mccullough 4 years ago

    I miss full tilt

  • SurvivingTheHorizon 4 years ago

    i just started playing omaha… i realize ive been wasting my time with
    hold em. EVERYONE knows how to play hold em reasonably well. while everyone
    sucks at omaha at least at low limits.

  • darryllobo14 4 years ago

    @gamemeister27 just think pokwer as entertainment, instead of spending 20
    bucks in a night out of movies, and stuff, you play poker online for 20
    bucks…, dont look at it as something that will get you in debt, it can
    ofcourse but you should play higher than you can afford

  • udlock9 4 years ago

    this guy say “uhh” so much.

  • shane31lv 4 years ago

    this guy isnt good at all.

  • getoffmypage 4 years ago

    @ILuvTechnoMusic I destroy the NLHE games online but still you have days
    when you do everything right and still lose 3 all ins for stacks,
    especially in PLO. Peoples worst game is generally PLO but it’s so high
    variance that it tilts me more than NLHE

  • slashgnr12 4 years ago

    good vid 😀

  • rolandholland82 4 years ago

    i feel dumer for watching this please take a gun and put it in ur mouth