Share Button In this in depth Pot Limit Omaha hand history review, I will give you complete analysis and talk specific poker strategy that you …

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  • Margaret Delancey 5 years ago

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  • Robert Brown 5 years ago

    I think I will use ghost outs against opponents where I have position over
    them. Thanks for the tip!

  • cyatuesday 5 years ago

    do you play higher than 400 plo?

  • Ribbo 5 years ago

    I have played as high as 5000 plo in the past regularly and winning player
    at those limits.

  • Ribbo 5 years ago

    Floating is such a terrible option on this flop because you just created an
    amazing spot for the maniac to squeeze on the flop. How on earth you can
    call someone a maniac then think it’s good to float when the maniac is
    still to act behind you. Terrible PLO