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Professionals fail first. ~ Poker Faaaece

I was in the best mood ever when I filmed thissss. I also DID manage to film a flawless version of the song, right the way through, but when I converted in t…
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  • AnastasieBoulay 5 years ago

    Poker face?? On keyboard?? AMAZING. I think you’re a robot.

  • WrittenInDork 5 years ago

    Well Miss Beccy, I think Lady Gaga should sing with a southern Irish
    accent, so there =p

  • Beccychan 5 years ago

    Once I manage to record it properly the whole way through. YES! i will make
    an available downloadd!

  • Mark Hickson 5 years ago

    i cried lol’ing at this. oh god you’re funny. i want a you in Hull, move
    please? k’thanx. i sorta did a horrible type of screech laugh thing when
    you starting singing it at the end with a heavy irish accent. oh god you’re

  • Davezors 5 years ago

    lol “look at you reading tags” lovely

  • Nicola Maloney 5 years ago

    just relaxx gat a cup of tea lol god how i love you…’let’s just enjoy
    ourselves’ hahah

  • Beccychan 5 years ago

    Ya, lol, i think i’ll practice a try again

  • sweetdarling26 5 years ago

    Argh this cracked me up! You really are quite amusing :D. And a pretty good
    singer! X

  • Beccychan 5 years ago

    I’ve been playing for about 5 days now!

  • Alex Hanly 5 years ago

    you’re the best Bec, i love you, you’re just the most adorable thing ever.

  • Beccychan 5 years ago

    Thanks! you know I’m actually qualified to teach! but i doubt I’d have the
    heart to put a child through that. Or maybe I’d train them wrong! just for
    kicks 😀

  • Beccychan 5 years ago

    ahaha!! first person to pick up on my cushion cruelty. don’t worry i put it
    back later :)

  • Beccychan 5 years ago

    I think i’ll take you up on that ideaa!

  • AnastasieBoulay 5 years ago

    Wow. I wish I could play like that in 5 days!

  • reginelouiise 5 years ago

    Weee! Beeccc, can I download it too? Weee<3333333 I mean, liiink. Yihiii!

  • Beccychan 5 years ago

    piano? i’ve been playing for about 5 days!

  • Mark Hickson 5 years ago

    @poppygirlx lucky cow ¬_¬ i think my prize should be you paying for the
    plane tickets 😀 agreed? good. you can live in my dog kennel, i’m sure he
    won’t mind, all he ever does when he goes in there is poo.

  • OpaqueMirror 5 years ago

    I have enjoyed your last two videos.

  • Fsharp722 5 years ago

    LOLOLOLOLOL This is awesome, once again awkward pauses… are amazing…
    they bring joy to my life… lol

  • SquishyBobb 5 years ago

    You’re voice is so cool!!! It’s really addictive =D I’d love to hear a full
    version of poker face! (By you, obviously cause I’ve heard Lady Gagas

  • Beccychan 5 years ago

    Okays, you pay for the plane? sweet! And you definitly deserve some sortof
    of prize for being able to put such great comments together!

  • sweetdarling26 5 years ago

    Haha i like your thinking – just for the comical value (Y)

  • SureFitTravis 5 years ago

    I recently watched an interview with Lady Gaga on the Australian talk-show
    ‘Rove’……that woman has the personality of a rock. Like she’s got a dead
    soul. Either that, or she’s had a frontal labotomy. She could certainly
    learn something from you !! Another fun video, Beccy !

  • SSAeXtr3Me 5 years ago

    your vioce is great but it was to slow so it´s kind of boring

  • michellegrant17 5 years ago

    i laughed out loud at this! haha!