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Professor77 demonstrates and wins a real online poker tournament using the free starting hands and bets chart at
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  • IamAphish 4 years ago

    page 6 on the page is somethign else, id like to find that page

  • Professor77 4 years ago

    earning $ at poker is about simple decisions and easy calls, not tricky

  • Randalls Relaxation 4 years ago

    Cool vids, How often don’t you place though? Are you only showing the games
    that your place in?

  • fayyaz700 4 years ago

    @uzizknx yeah im soo addicted to online poker, playing with real money
    actually makes you play properly. this poker site will give you a real 8
    dollars to start claim it here >

  • DoctorWho4711 4 years ago

    hey Professor! really love your videos, quiet enjoyable!! wheres your
    webpage pokernation?

  • BradGZ 4 years ago

    its going good thanks for asking cheif

  • blufferchris 4 years ago

    hia , can you please tell me the name of the web site you useing there
    please ( all of it ) thanx alot an gl

  • plstrom 4 years ago

    as you prove in this vid , people dont have that time to go and check that

  • zeejustin6 4 years ago

    @rhcp4565 hahahaha, I believe this as well.

  • Beer4everandever 4 years ago

    A good attempt at a running commentary of a SNG with some good pointers on
    what to do in different situations. However there was little explanation of
    WHY you were doing it which I think is key in teaching people how to play.
    The software that aided you in your dicisions looked usefull but it would
    drive me up the wall if it overlaped any part of the online poker table!
    Software with HUD can be quite complex but once you get used to it can be a
    great aid.

  • Professor77 4 years ago


  • rhcp4565 4 years ago

    I can tell u have a mustache just from your voice

  • Mørkets Fyrste 4 years ago

    Very nice upload professor77! I’ve seen all of yor videos now and I find
    them quite helpful! Keep on the good work;-)

  • EternalSilence 4 years ago

    I agree!

  • tontray 4 years ago

    that the thing i hate about online poker there is a time limtit

  • Erling Magrock 4 years ago

    Thank you for the nice video. The site you mentioned really made me tight
    up to a better poker player. 5 stars.

  • JJ Doyle 4 years ago

    Do a mistakes high stakes video

  • Professor77 4 years ago

    TY & UW

  • Tuan Nguyen 4 years ago

    its on 19b now lol

  • sküll düggery 4 years ago

    sometimes i run that good…sometimes i’m stomped on like a narc at a biker
    rally. today i lost 3 str8 games, but then won one.

  • AbstractNotions 4 years ago

    Interesting video. It was neat watching a sng through someone elses eyes. I
    like your style and I think I learned a lot. ty & gl

  • Dontreportabug 4 years ago

    Eazy fold 01:15. How much of the time do you think you are ahead here? What
    about the players behind you? Foolish move at lowblind if you ask me,
    please argue.

  • donmega4 4 years ago

    I agree, insta fold imo

  • leeeba81 4 years ago

    thanks for the voice, really funny and sarcastic. i wish you showed us some
    more tricky hands, most of the time that was some easy calls.

  • zeejustin6 4 years ago

    ’78 sooted maybe he’s bored, maybe he’s tired…’ MAYBE HE”S GOOD @ POKERS!
    Love the videos though, haven’t seen these in a while.