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Raymer Doubles Through Matusow and Gets Revenge! - 2004 World Series of Poker WSOP

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  • Sodiumreactor 4 years ago

    I dont get it how come they can see each others cards?

  • K Fost 4 years ago

    Raymer was not a donk. Not only did he win the main event the year after
    moneymaker. He almost made the final table the next year and was actually
    unlucky not to do so

  • Shane444888 4 years ago

    Mike always knows what the other guy had after the cards are flipped over

  • crockett616 4 years ago

    so raymer bet 241k into a pot of a bit over 70k? And idiot mike makes the
    call when he is at best flipping vs overs and some kind of a draw. lol

  • Marloricain Bechameau 4 years ago

    I don’t really get the call, he’s almost never ahead here

  • antibishonen 4 years ago

    Bad play, Mike. Too many possible hands that would easily beat a pair of
    nines, especially when you see a suited board. 

  • crockett616 4 years ago

    … and obviously overs+draw is not even a flip

  • Dhie Ghog 4 years ago

    Man, those were the days when guys who shoved flop for 3 times pot were
    considered good poker players lmao.

  • Galaxy Cop 4 years ago

    Awesome moment.

  • James Wilson 4 years ago

    Awful call on a pair a nines. 

  • sslteam07 4 years ago

    People saying this was a bad call are just jealous of Mike’s reads. Great
    call and a great player.

  • Alan Bloomfield 4 years ago

    Incredible read? Raymer had the nut draw and 2 overs, it could of been
    worse, Raymer could of had AT. It was a horrible call never get your money
    in on a call for worse than a coin flip. Also calling Raymer lucky and
    comparing him to Gold, you obvioulsy don’t know much, Raymer made it down
    to 2 or 3 tables in 2005 and I believe he’s made the head table a few times
    on the WPT.

  • Stephen Jones 4 years ago

    My read would have been pocket Jacks or higher….

  • gaxiola55 4 years ago

    It’s a good call mike .. You have my respect buddy !!

  • vlzvl666 4 years ago

    Matusow was in tilt before that hand and Raymer just
    got the perfect opportunity to play that way.
    He knew that loud mouth Matusow will “show him” how poker is played.
    It’s rather funny to see a guy with middle pair vs 2 overcards + flush draw
    + backdoor str8 praying for help.
    97s and call an all-in, boon. Deserved to lose and humiliated by the other
    There’s also a video where he cries and saying to himself that didnt
    deserved his elimination. Who had the big coj****s mike and who’s the small
    you epic boon?

  • BongZilla Cough 4 years ago

    coin flip after the flop

  • tubewatcher0823 4 years ago

    It’s not really an amazing read as it says in the description. The pot was
    laying him 1.33 to 1 and he was a 1.17 to 1 dog. In a cash game you can
    make this call but in the main event with 100 players left and a healthy
    stack you can find a better spot.. He let trying to bust Raymer get the
    best of him. The best he is EVER doing here is the position he found
    himself in which is flipping. Even if Raymer just goes crazy and decided to
    over play A9 or JT or something Mike is crushed even worse.

  • Bagsof Steez 4 years ago


  • emptycorp 4 years ago

    Raymer is a donk. Where is he now? Nowhere. Same with Moneymaker and Gold
    and all the rest of the lucky donks.

  • RobTheProspect 4 years ago

    That’s hitting imo. Whether you make a hand or not, there are still two
    more cards to come. It just comes down to the percentages. If you have an
    underpair, and your opponent has two overs, an open ender, and a flush
    draw, AND the board is paired. I would say they hit the flop harder than
    you did, since they are a 70% favorite, despite that they have not actually
    made their hand yet.

  • lolipedofin 4 years ago

    I have big cojoneess… You have smaaalll cojooneeessss…

  • lolipedofin 4 years ago

    The funniest part is he thought that he is ahead, while he is actually
    behind when all the chips went in.

  • BeavisThe Methhead 4 years ago


  • Matt Roberson 4 years ago

    If i’d a’ mucked, i’d a’ had more chips, i think he means

  • gredangeo 4 years ago

    Typical youtuber.