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Cowboy Breaddystack and I explain the fundamentals to some 1913 hearthstone. Subscribe ! Find me on Twitter: Part…


Poker Fails


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  • Breaddystack 5 years ago

    This is the worst version of hearthstone I have ever played. TAZDINGO

  • Mattysacs 5 years ago

    Heyy no more weird surround sound audio i can now lay down and watch this.
    Its the small victories that count. 

  • Sénor Smoothy Buns 5 years ago


  • owentheperson 5 years ago

    everything is better with “breadd” and grravy”

  • Jean-Adrien Oikonomou 5 years ago

    “You should go all-in all the time, people don’t expect you to do that”
    except of course when you do it all the time, then they expect it from you.

  • GRRavy y 5 years ago

    Watch me and Breaddy explain how to play Hearthstone.

  • Allen Ashley 5 years ago

    I can’t wait for the next video! 

  • Nik Itomlenskis 5 years ago


  • Jonathan Brandt 5 years ago


  • MrClownDroid 5 years ago

    How the hell do you make such boring mini games into a funny video!??

  • Vinny cordisco 5 years ago

    And do you ever play games with your subs

  • Vinny cordisco 5 years ago

    Face reveal / Q and A

  • MrClownDroid 5 years ago

    By the way you should have used blue eye purple dragon from your magic deck
    to win a pocker

  • Pifflin 5 years ago

    john marston died in 1912