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Gaming expert Barney Vinson and Host Cheryl Maxfield deliver comprehensive, advanced instructions on how to play winning Craps. Craps, Las Vegas, casino, Pla…
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  • weimondo 4 years ago

    why would any rational person play casino games. the house has advantage on

  • matthew nicholas 4 years ago

    school of how these people are gonna take all your money

  • Peggy Anderson 4 years ago

    Don’t have any at that time 

  • Craig Jarvis 4 years ago

    i play the diaper strategy… pass line and field bet for come out roll.
    then take odds.
    I call it the diaper strategy as it covers your craps.

  • ogkachris1 4 years ago

    I love blonde MILF’s

  • D.Allen 4 years ago

    It’d be cool to place a large come bet, then take odds, win an ass load of
    money, then go blow it all on hookers and coke. That’s living the dream in

  • General Anxiety 4 years ago

    Q: I put 50.00 on the Don’t Come Bar after a point is established …like
    “8”. The dice are rolled and a “4” hits. So my money 50.00 is moved to
    the “4”.

    *If the 8 is rolled on the next roll do I lose my 50.00 or is it lost only
    if a 4 is rolled?

    *If the 8 is rolled and I don’t lose my money…what happens if a 7 is
    rolled on the come out roll?

    Q: I have money placed on 6, I have a come bet that’s on 6 with full odds.
    If six hits, does the money that’s on 6 get taken down or does it stay up?

    Q: Which bets can I take down between rolls? 

  • edanxkr 4 years ago

    That guy in the white dinner jacket SUUUUUUCKS.

  • Milford Civic 4 years ago

    This looks like a quick way to lose money. Far too confusing….

  • meme82311 4 years ago


  • zanzeber 4 years ago

    Absolute milf status, what a bod

  • Lone Runner 4 years ago

    The 90s are so korny

  • Dan Jones 4 years ago

    My suggestion: When dealing don’t hawk the dice and pay with dirty money

  • TRILL/\ 4 years ago

    dead @ 29:54 xD “gimme ma moneyyyyyy”

  • TheCobalt100 4 years ago

    WARNING: Actually, the casino has a huge advantage over the player any way
    you look at it. The player that is new to the game and must learn all the
    intricacies and complexities will be out thousands of dollars before he
    catches on and finally learns all the odds on all the various bets. Then
    he/she may reduce the odds to !%. But too many players don’t learn until
    they’ve lost a lot of ducks.

  • Erik Nilsen 4 years ago

    Wow, this is cheesy.

  • virginia woods 4 years ago

    come to double u casino strip tonight

  • Alana Groves 4 years ago

    @Alex: Please keep your racist comments to yourself, this is not 1865.
    Ain’t nobody got time fo dat! Thanks!

  • no one 4 years ago

    lol, this is literally a how to lose all your money on a craps table video
    and how every dealer , who works for the house, will tell you how to play
    the game. If you want to win do the exact opposite of what this video said
    and your odds of coming out ahead and much better.

  • Louis Stacey 4 years ago

    ha ha, cum line 

  • John Phillip 4 years ago

    So much bullshit
    .People just let the shooter roll three times after point is set and make
    two minimum dont come bets with even odds per shooter. Slow grind but
    makes money,just quit when you double your money.Buy in with twenty times
    minimum bet.

  • Max Levine 4 years ago

    I place the 5, 6, and 8, and play the field. Then I’m covering 5 of 6

  • Mario Corral 4 years ago

    Can I Come on her?

  • badabowtie1 4 years ago


  • qco6281 4 years ago

    Years ago, I misunderstood the meaning of “crap table”. Long story short,
    I’ve been banned from Harrah’s for life.