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Sequentail Royal Flush on a Video Poker Machine in Las Vegas bu A video poker machine in Las Vegas hits a sequential royal flush for a super big pay out. All Poker s…
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  • Neil Clements 4 years ago

    @ggnub100 Where did you get 691? The payout is 4000 credits, which equals
    4000(.25) = $1000. I would quit smoking weed, you cant afford to lose any
    more brain cells.

  • johng669 4 years ago

    @covewatcher I used to play video poker a lot and I have hit 2 royals while
    on 25 cent machines in regular casinos and 2 also on the internet of an
    offshore web based casino. They are so rare the pay out should be at least
    10,000 credits instead of 4000 credits. I rarely play anymore because it is
    clear to me they are a rip off. By the way, a royal is a straight flush
    also. The odds of hitting a royal shouldn’t be any different then hitting
    any other straight flush that you choose.

  • noholecard 4 years ago

    lol $691 !! that’s not alot for a royal lol

  • dbroseph89 4 years ago

    down to your last 3.75 and you nail a royal….very nice

  • DCGamer705 4 years ago

    a 9/7 machine?

  • DarcnessTrophies 4 years ago

    Would someone kindly do the math for me on the odds of a Dealt sequential
    royal flush? I’m very curious but suck at math. At least 10’s of millions
    but I’d like an exact number.

  • 4 years ago

    Honestly I don’t know a lot about video poker machines. I could not tell
    you the odds or the hardest suit to get. If the odds are only 500,000:1
    then given the number of machines in Vegas and how many times a day they
    get played, I would think there would be at least one a day somewhere in
    town. Can the casinos even set these machines to pay out beyond a
    percentage of payback? I would have thought anything more was illegal.

  • jonathan bell 4 years ago

    @ggnub100 got to say, your comment made me think you weren’t very bright as
    well. clearly 4000 credits won.

  • diegoepm889 4 years ago

    que tal esa mierda

  • wtfbbqpwned69 4 years ago

    This is fake. Just a promotion for his website.

  • covewatcher 4 years ago

    @gotfootage Hi got, I know this is a year later, but this is me and my
    wife’s preferred game. The odds of hitting a royal flush (rounded off) are
    40,000:1. However, during actual play over the past 12 years of going to
    Vegas twice a year, it seems a straight flush is the most difficult hand to
    obtain. A royal flush on a 9/6 machine pays 4000 credits, and a straight
    flush pays 250, but it is DAMN hard to hit. I have only hit 3 and we go for
    a week two times a year. I have 2 royal flushes.

  • jtcroydon 4 years ago

    sometimes you gotta give up the flush.

  • Steven Stinson 4 years ago

    Hit 2 on a quarter machine both times were on a 3 line and had 4 to a royal
    dealt.HIt I 3 to a royal dealt and 1 2 to a royal dealt nickel. ive had 4
    dealt to a royal on a 100 play and still not get a royal. have hit a few on
    100 play nickl and penny but a nickl bet dosnt pay much.

  • MaRiNuS ScHuNcK 4 years ago

    i think if u hit a royal in exact order should be an extra bonus pay out

  • Sara Brown 4 years ago

    The stock market killed me. Would have prefered losing it all at the casino
    over the course of 2 years rather than have some joker in a suit tell
    me..Hey you lost all your money.

  • highonbetter 4 years ago

    i hit one royal flush in my life 1500 dollars ! in pick um poker. was a
    great night. i only went there with 15 bucks lol

  • ActivistVictor 4 years ago

    Nice win, and its in order too

  • John Lee 4 years ago

    Really sucks there wasn’t an extra payout level for the sequential royal.
    N1 though

  • DarcnessTrophies 4 years ago

    you just made yourself look even more ridiculous than he did.

  • Richard Moore 4 years ago

    I hit a reverse sequential royal flush last week. Not dealt was A C C J 10
    diamonds hit botton an d K Q diamonds out in hand. Got only standard

  • billfromwi 4 years ago

    I have seen where machines pay extra for sequential royal flushes

  • 56dlp 4 years ago

    Also note that it was a sequential royal flush. All the cards are in
    order…. 10 J Q K A. VERY rare.

  • edgar ramirez 4 years ago

    se siene bien cuando te pasa

  • noholecard 4 years ago

    @nclements27 lol, calm down, i was just looking at the bottom right
    amount… apparently the video stopped early… relax dude…

  • Piggy-Pike-Music-Like 4 years ago

    A sequential Royal? in the hardest suit..SPADES. maybe 1 in 500,000 this a SET UP? (Casino machine programmed to deal a royal to
    entice business??) A real Spade Royal (No deuces wild) is nearly
    impossible. You will get a 10:1 variant in Clubs or Diamond royals to a
    real Spade Royal. Dont know why, but that’s the way it is.