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Seven Card Stud (Hi, Hi/Lo and Razz) Strategy with Gripsed

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • DukeDoom78 4 years ago

    Joking around pal, not comparing… You both are from Canada, both play
    different games and I’m learning to play them too… =)

  • thegamerdude853 4 years ago

    Sounds good. Badugi would be funny.

  • thegamerdude853 4 years ago

    He won 2 Sccop events he must of been doing something right. He is an
    insane hand reader.

  • Gripsed 4 years ago

    2pm EST monday-friday

  • ljkpang 4 years ago

    i never know when you stream :(!

  • Gripsed 4 years ago


  • Unflushablepiss 4 years ago

    boss video!

  • jani jii 4 years ago

    play more these, especially razz,cause its such a great game

  • MrFoxVert 4 years ago

    Now I feel like going and playing razz. I’ve not played that game in what
    feels like an age. I can’t be doing with these split-pot games.

  • HDThez 4 years ago

    5:30 Why fold 3-5-6 ??

  • Dr. King 4 years ago

    I think he’s aware.

  • Viktor X. 4 years ago

    piss poor sound quality… couldn’t even watch it

  • MrBeatboxmasta 4 years ago

    Razz and stud are one of the most frustrating games to play just because
    they are only available in “limit” format. The fact that it’s not anywhere
    close to being your best game makes you tilt even more than normal which
    makes this, the most entertaining video you’ve ever made!

  • DukeDoom78 4 years ago

    Man, I would love to see you play horse or badugi like Negreanu! LOL

  • DukeDoom78 4 years ago

    I think he won a few (?) but not in stud because he barely plays that game.
    Man, when he plays omaha h/l (your favourite game!) at the highest stakes
    (1000$/2000$) he never folds a hand, that is fucking ridiculous…
    raise-call, raise-call, raise-call-showdown! LOL

  • MrBeatboxmasta 4 years ago

    Horse FOR SURE!!!!

  • Gripsed 4 years ago

    i played with him on some SCOOP events, all he does is bet and raise every
    hand. It works for amassing the chip lead sometimes but never leads to him
    closing it out.

  • DukeDoom78 4 years ago

    I just remember now… The fearless Isildur1 plays stud too… but he just
    don’t know shit about playing that game! LOL

  • Pooper900 4 years ago

    I love razz. Its such a sick game at times

  • thegamerdude853 4 years ago

    Phil ivey is better than you at poker guranteed sorry gripsed but you will
    never be as good as Phil ivey hehe.