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Shark Cage Episode 7 | PokerStars

Welcome to Shark Cage – a brand new poker show where poker pros, celebrities and an online qualifier fight it out for 00000! And there’s a twist: player…




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  • Diego Thomas 4 years ago

    You should have put Ole Schemion at this table. You put a Miss Universe
    next to Jean Robbert Bellande? Fuck that noise, Ole could tap that
    supermodel quality A ass. Then they could make beautiful babies. 

  • velipulla 4 years ago

    I think kara looks better than sara. Sara on rasittavan olonen tyhjäpää
    hihittelijä, millähän meeriteillä päässyt tohon ohjelmaan. Huomaa kyllä
    pelistäkin, että aika pihalla on pokerista vaikka heads up pääsikin.

  • Diego Thomas 4 years ago

    MY GOD! Next table looks like the hardest one yet. Really good line up..
    Ole Schemion, Vanessa Selbst, Michael Mizrachi, Tony G, and don’t know the
    name of the Russian but he plays really good, he is a regular at the EPT.

  • Orang Africano 4 years ago

    miss finnland looks good. But just there for the looks. and she fucks
    anybody for enough money, no culture

  • Johnny Stars 4 years ago

    WTF? who fuckin is tht girl Sara? and what’s her online name? she haven’t
    fuckin idea, and this idiot fold set of 4, what a paket fish!, in this
    board I never fold a set!, no way!, I WANT STRIP-POKER WITH HER!.

  • 1985gvs 4 years ago

    terrible show and format… so few actual hands played and so many flips
    and pre flop all ins…

  • OsefKincaid 4 years ago

    I just love stapes. I laughed a solid fifteen seconds at unleash the

  • Hugo Draaisma 4 years ago

    isn’t his hand dead the moment he shows the 4 8 before making a decision?

  • RavenRuled 4 years ago

    I like how Jean Robert didn’t want to be embarrassed by being sent to the
    shark cage but then he played 2-7 on national TV. I don’t care if you are
    ahead at the table don’t play the hand.

  • mirawenya 4 years ago

    The finish girl is the type of player you can only beat with a good hand. I
    hate playing against such players. 

  • flex2125 4 years ago

    i think this has to be the worst poker ive ever seen. 

  • Monde Libre 4 years ago

    Miss Finland a l’air d’être une grosse salope !

  • Nkanyiso Ngwenya 4 years ago

    Next heat looks incredibly fun especially with Tony G in it, haven’t seen
    him in a while. Where the heck is the poker brat? DAMN this is the perfect
    setup for Tony vs Phil.

  • trovid1 4 years ago

    its good that they make new Poker Shows, but this may be the worst that
    have been made.

  • mikecantreed 4 years ago

    Is Ronnie bardah the next Allen Kessler? 

  • Johnny sCena 4 years ago

    she just got lucky with big hands and calling all those all ins

  • Doobby Do 4 years ago

    Honestly could Karas nose be bigger my god!

  • Chrisv1965 4 years ago

    Patrick Antonius is Mr. Finland XD.

  • Shayne Sim 4 years ago

    Really hope you win Kara it’s very possible. 

  • adamo36532 4 years ago

    Jeez that girl is hot. And the fact that she doesn’t give a shit about
    anything makes it worse

  • PinPointPictures 4 years ago

    Eugene could be Robin Williams son, seriously.

  • fonzie flores 4 years ago

    She was giving away hella tells

  • UraStr 4 years ago

    lol miss Finland she looked so uncomfortable when she was bluffing, and so
    comfortable when she had it + she is miss Finland, so I guess everybody
    should be looking at her whenever they can, I don’t understand how they
    could have played so bad…

  • MrLDTT 4 years ago

    boring show, hus girl vs girl… lol so faked

  • Daniel R 4 years ago

    super entertaining to watch. That one commentator is Hilarious!