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Well some of these are really fools. How can they do such a mistake?! Hope you liked this compilations. If so, please SUBSCRIBE. Check out also our other vid…
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  • Edward O'Rourke 4 years ago

    0:47 is not a fail. It’s called a boat scrapyard (i.e. for retiring boats)

  • musicbox4788 4 years ago


  • Aidan Wahib 4 years ago

    Haha 1:28 was the best XD

  • Momo bobo 4 years ago

    Ohhh my gosh ohh my goosh XD 

  • April R 4 years ago

    These are some seriously expensive fails…..eeeep

  • tigergreg8 4 years ago

    Why ruin a perfectly good video with that music, The natural sounds should
    be sufficient. 

  • operationTF7 4 years ago

    0:23! best part.XD

  • baha türk 4 years ago

    The guy at 0:27 is dead. You know that right? Is it funny?

  • Aramis Netties 4 years ago

    Can you please give me the name of the artist playing this song? I know the
    Song is originally from Awolnation and that the song is named Sail in a
    Bluegrass version.. But that doesn’t narrow it down that much that i can
    find it on youtube/google

    Thanks in advance

  • caitlin miller 4 years ago

    Wheres the titanic?
    That was a pretty big fail if you ask me!

  • JutsuManic456 4 years ago

    Hope the guy at 0:29 is ok. All that debris came flying at him.

  • 桑豪慶 4 years ago

    立即前往 YouTube 觀看這部影片:

  • Ethan Knight 4 years ago

    the red and white ship beaching was on purpose. thats a ship scaping yard
    in the middle east

  • Alex Millender 4 years ago

    The cruise ship at 1:00 wasn’t a fail. Indian ship graveyards run the
    derilict ships aground then recycle the metals. Very toxic process, very
    dangerous work for the shipyard workers.

  • Leif Hietala 4 years ago

    1:00 = standard beaching in preparation for shipbreaking. Not a fail.

  • ozgur ozkul 4 years ago

    1:06. TURKEY

  • LazyMan9000 4 years ago

    Sigh. It’s ‘hit the brakes’. And boats don’t have brakes.

  • SimplyCrazers 4 years ago


  • Joshua Winter 4 years ago

    00:49 is not a fail, that’s how they beach ships for demolition.

  • Vajira Hettiarachchi 4 years ago

    The pulling on the ford ranger was really rude..

  • Evgeny Ivanov 4 years ago

    Tell a name of the song please =)

  • Mazie Marceaux 4 years ago

    1:39 I hope no one was inside

  • corey moore 4 years ago

    Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below…
    Hope you liked this compilation :)

  • Grizzly ER 4 years ago


  • Tiger FunnyWorks 4 years ago

    Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below…
    Hope you liked this compilation :)