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Radu asks SplitSuit to review a squeeze pot with KK from the small blind. After getting 2 callers, Radu flops a rare top set with a flush draw on board, and …

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  • The Poker Bank 4 years ago

    @ Siim: checking to induce is valid whether it’s FR or 6max

  • Fedor Amuricano 4 years ago

    And if you have been playing for 3 hours or so and lose all the money to a
    Flush, I am not sure U will be too happy about it

  • iFeelGroggy 4 years ago

    I’m more of a tourney player then cash player but on that flop I think
    check calling or check shoving based on his bet size is the best play. The
    board’s so dry that when we bet most the time we just take the pot down
    uncontested. Opponents only continue with flush draws, sets and top pair
    (of which there are few) when we lead out half pot. When we check our
    opponent’s are gonna lead with all their made hands and draws anyway which
    call a bet but we also give them the oppurtunity to take a stab at the pot
    with air. If the villain hits his draw then he hits his draw, betting the
    flop would have ended with the same result. Checking keeps the villains
    range as wide as possible when we have the board all but locked up. If it
    gets checked through we can start building the pot on the turn and we may
    get less credit for having a hand because we checked on the flop.

  • el caramelero 4 years ago

    I look at this this way, 1st, know the player,2nd if I’m always thinking my
    opponents has the hand that beats me every time then I will never make any
    money and will get buffed out of hands by opponents that pay attention, and
    3rd when you know your opponent and you almost sure he’s on the draw that
    he won’t fold then all that is left is pot control and hope the board
    pairs. I always make more $ betting for value because there will more times
    when he doesn’t have the flush.
    Oh and why is the caller a bad player in position with a two gaper suited
    hand?those hand are $ maker as long as you know how to play them. I don’t
    know maybe I’m a fish. 

  • Clap Forboobies 4 years ago

    So in the end a bad player gets lucky. That’s low stakes for you. 

  • Sean Ó Briain 4 years ago

    I have issues with betting for value with perceived flush draws hitting.
    Playing a cash game last week at casino (1 euro/2 euro blinds). I raise UTG
    with 99, and BB defends. I flop a set, on an ace high board. 2 clubs on
    flop, turn is blank and river is another club. I had bet flop and turn, and
    checked back river – content with the pot, as I was afraid villain had
    floated to hit their flush and didn’t want to be put in an awkward spot if
    they had checked to raise. Turns out they had two pair. 

  • endlessmountain 4 years ago

    when you have a set and they have a flush draw on flop the odds a flush
    comes on turn and the board does not pair on the river is 6.25 to 1,
    therefore in these situations I am in protection mode and give about max 5
    to 1 implied odds with my flop bet and therefore if I pay off a flush later
    on, I had given incorrect pot odds.

  • ching chong 4 years ago

    How differently would you play the hand in a single raised pot with larger
    SPR? Or to put it in a broader sense, how would you balance your turn
    betting/checking range when the flush card hits? What I normally do is bet
    my flushes and TP without redraw, check TP with redraw (not many combos).
    It seems like we should check sets here for balance and other reasons but
    I’m not entirely sure about this. What do you think?

  • Joaquin Colon 4 years ago

    Great video as always, man! Considering the SPR on the flop, is it better
    to just play this as a 2-street game? As you pointed out, villain’s range
    for calling a flop bet is fairly inelastic, and in my opinion, his range
    for calling on the turn is even moreso. I’d probably bet $1.25 -$1.40 on
    the flop with the intent on pushing the turn. I think this has the added
    benefit of eliciting a turn call from something like TxTh, 9T with a heart
    or other hands that’ll fold river, but call turn.

  • Sam Chu 4 years ago

    Hi James, your videos are amazing and super super helpful. Keep them
    coming! :)

  • megadeth277 4 years ago

    I play like the villain on 6 max,, when I see someone who plays their AA
    and KK and I get a read on them PF, and know that they will continue the
    hand like this regardless of the texture I can get their stack… Am I in
    the wrong mindset(?) or was this play by the villain not optimal? I get it
    to work with fishes, and some regs too i guess…

    And if I would have played this KK,, i would’ve slowed down when the flush
    hit, coz Im thinking my op with a set or two pair would also slow down a
    bit or try to bluff the flush, so when i call i beat em…. If i bet
    however,, I think ill face a flush often enough times(?)

  • danman274 4 years ago

    Play looks correct to me. Squeezing larger may have gotten him out of

  • Siim Haas 4 years ago

    What if instead of full ring it is 6max. EP opens pot, btn flats and you
    have KK on SB.

    Would checking the turn becomes an option? With intention to induce bet
    from pair+FD type hands. However it puts us in stupid situation if he
    checks and heart comes on river.

  • The Poker Bank 4 years ago

    Hero flops top set, but the flush draw fills on the turn. What would you