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Recently we’ve discovered the Joys of Poker Night and well, Alex hasn’t exactly been the best competitor… QUESTION: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever lost…
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Poker Fails


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  • Damjan Petrusevski 5 years ago

    what is wrong whit you stupid morons?!??! are you retarded??? depressive….

  • ReccuringNightmare 5 years ago

    Jack is the only Hot one In my Opinion..

  • ReccuringNightmare 5 years ago

    I’ve been subbed for like Half a year : P. You made me sub when I was in
    your Blogtv room thing.

  • gingrninja 5 years ago

    to fun :L

  • Jack Pollington 5 years ago

    haha, Awesome!

  • skatersato3 5 years ago

    lmao…. funny stuff… good job…

  • zalnoor01 5 years ago

    awesome!! me and my friends are obsessed with their sketches! lol

  • Ben Steer 5 years ago

    Lol fairplay. I had to rewind it when alex got a banana, oranges and a
    tiger out coz it wa so funny lol !

  • Grungerface1 5 years ago


  • Nathan Pryor 5 years ago

    Pahaha brillaint 😀

  • Jack Pollington 5 years ago

    @zalnoor01 Yerh, that where we got a lot of the inspiration for this kind
    of comedy from, we all LOVE J&A!

  • David Nurse 5 years ago

    Lol. ‘Who the hell made toast?’

  • RockstarRaquel 5 years ago

    Yea for new videos!

  • puddingfaceman222 5 years ago

    QUAIL! gotta say though alex, nice six pack =]

  • Jack Pollington 5 years ago

    Damn Right! =] Maybe a Sub for my Hottness!

  • cometcrewproductions 5 years ago

    That’s Hillarious , Bench Crew Rule !

  • zalnoor01 5 years ago

    QUIAL! hahahaa!! hilarious! very well done, loved it! Alex totally reminded
    me of Jake and Amir! watch them, you’ll get what i mean lol

  • Josh Storkey 5 years ago

    Truly amazing.