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  • Beanmachine91 4 years ago

    if i was a full time player id have to be a millionaire doing only low buy
    in and freeroll tourneys

  • Beanmachine91 4 years ago

    no one will judge you for playing low stakes

  • Beanmachine91 4 years ago

    it takes a lot of work breaking into mental habbits

  • John watson 4 years ago

    He is 100$ right about the hard part about being a pro poker player is the
    psychological aspect of the game…Normal life you get up at 8 am and go to
    work and get off at 4 or 5 and then do it all over next day…Poker your
    own boss and EVERYTHING is now in your hands to control..sure it sounds
    cool but its a ton of pressure and when your losing and its your only form
    of income it can crush you mentally…I only advise people too turn pro if
    they really know their selves and are responsible with money and can fathom
    running bad and losing tons of money!

  • Newconsciousera2012 4 years ago

    Where is 2 of 10?

  • Mhtsos Mantrhs 4 years ago

    Hehehehe i loooove those comments!!All Phill Ivey wannabes, arguing whats
    better money or glory?You play cards for money boys and only money!If you
    want to obtain great skill then i thing first you have to play with some
    fishes cause i dont know anybody who 3bets with 500 euro bankroll at 2/2
    NLH EVEN IF HE PICKED A GOOD SPOT TO DO IT.Goal is to make money the easy

  • james bond 4 years ago

    get that shit tailored my nigga, blazer way too big on you my dude

  • sasha harmaya 4 years ago

    so he’s a bum hunter.

  • mep41376 4 years ago

    A lot of people are picking on this kid in the video but he is correct. Is
    it just that these ideas are so basic? Whether the “friend of a friend”
    story is true or not isn’t important IMO but that is a great example
    story…and so true about dumbos who claim to be pros – literally 95% of
    them suck and this story is a great way to illustrate one of the many
    simple points – like table selection.

  • Mark Richardson 4 years ago

    So i guess these days it is pretty tough to become a winning pro player
    even at the low levels of hold’em? So many people learning and reading
    about poker and being mentored. Hardly any fish around?

  • Don Man 4 years ago

    can you make a video talking about odd please????

  • weimondo 4 years ago

    Poker is a game of decisions. However, if every decision affects one’s
    ability to pay rent/food then that will get in the way of making optimal
    decisions. And I certainly don’t believe anyone is immune from these extra
    stress variables. So my view is keep the job, and play for fun. I certainly
    wouldn’t enjoy playing poker professionally, even if I can sit down with 6
    or 7 players who are way worse than I am each time I play.

  • Ramel Prince 4 years ago

    Where’s part 2?

  • bzukes7 4 years ago

    I think this is part 1 of 1

  • arnaldo717 4 years ago

    wheres the other videos

  • morzloks 4 years ago


  • Diosukekun 4 years ago

    how does this have so many dislikes? i think it’s dead on. brunson’s super
    system 2 agrees with his point, would you downvote that too?

  • yourtube 4 years ago

    Your decisions in poker shouldnt be influenced by your ability to pay rent
    or food… if losing a few buy ins means going hungry you really arent
    managing your bankroll properly. Only stake what you can lose.

  • Yes it is….

  • SchoolofCards 4 years ago

    @DJHastenz Very Very good point.

  • brodyunderscorezagar 4 years ago


  • SchoolofCards 4 years ago

    The comments here need to be addressed, and i will make another very long
    professional poker video. @Tuxster. Being able to identify and spot weak
    players is a skill in itself. If you can’t spot weaker players then you are
    probably the weaker player. I agree that playing with terrible players wont
    make you better, but it will make you money, and when you operate from a
    professional perspective. Thats what its about. btw. a grandmaster would
    play an amateur.. If it was for money, not rank.

  • foolioperez 4 years ago

    @Tuxster3 learned capacity to carry out pre-determined results often with
    the minimum outlay of time. You make money off those who are not as
    skilled.The skills are in areas of bankroll management,reading the board,
    knowing hand range percentages,pricing out draws,value betting,c
    betting,big lay downs, table image etc. The goal in poker is to pick the
    best game you can beat exploiting those with inferior ability. Not
    unethtical in fact when the get railed from better players they learn

  • morzloks 4 years ago

    only in Nevada. I live in CA

  • Tuxster3 4 years ago

    @foolioperez Yes, I agree with much of what you’ve said. However, money
    aside, I understand why a poker “pro” would want to play an “amateur” —
    knowing all along that he can beat such a play, before even sitting down at
    the table. Sure, not even luck can a save a pro on an all-in, but it can
    possibly help the amateur. Why would a tennis pro want to play me – knowing
    he’s a thousand times better than me – if we wanted to decide who’s the
    better player. Obviously, he is better.