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Spin and Go poker tournaments.

So what do you guys think of the new Spin and Go, or Jack Pot sng tournament structures on Poker Stars and Full Tilt?
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  • Julian Martin 4 years ago

    The start of a sad trend as new owners Amaya takes away any credibility
    that Stars had as a Poker Site, and slowly turns it to another slots site.
    Not even going into the increased rakes that come into effect next week.
    Stars and Tilt are no longer for poker players, but purely for recreational
    players and as Russia, Australia and China will likely be kicked out of the
    market by next week because of the new license they have applied for,
    traffic is going to considerably drop.

    Sadly, no other site such as 888 and Party are good enough to step up.
    Online Poker is in the final days and shit like the Spin And Go is the sign
    of a greedy company hurting poker’s image even more and will be remembered
    as a marginal footnote in the death of Online Poker

  • Charles O. 4 years ago

    Hey Marty! I’m a long time fan of your vids but a first time commenter.
    This seems like a fun thing to play but I always prefer deeper stacks and
    slower blinds because recreational players can’t keep up with the older
    regs who don’t go on tilt and can concentrate for longer periods of time.
    I’m happy to see you posting a video.

  • Marty Smith 4 years ago
  • xThizu 4 years ago

    I tilted my whole bankroll away on this bingo format. Which luckily
    consisted of only 100$

    But still sucks. I got so unlucky :/

  • Malusifer 4 years ago

    I could see how this would attract more rec players. And more rec players
    is better for poker.