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A USA Network late nite tv show I use to watch years ago. Pretty Good.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  • Finn Human 4 years ago

    love how they have on like 4 pair of panties

  • Dan Barker 4 years ago

    This was the last game show USA ever did, right?

  • Chic1110 4 years ago

    A dingo is a wild kangaroo? *Facepalm* An answer that terrible should carry
    the penalty of having to remove ALL his clothes!

  • mac clelling 4 years ago

    I saw an episode where the guy ended up having nothing but his underwear
    and got a question wrong. The host didnt believe him but finally he ended
    up taking off his necklace or something like that… it was the only
    episode i ever saw like that…

  • Brandon Adams 4 years ago

    Do u have any episodes on vhs u could sell. I love this show.

  • Patrick Gray 4 years ago

    Like to

  • Patrick Gray 4 years ago

    I’d to nail Jada she’s hot :)

  • whoo689 4 years ago

    Did the women EVER strip down to their birthday suits in this show?? Seems
    strip-down-to-only-your-underwear Poker.

  • mose7328 4 years ago

    full name

  • Joe Switzer 4 years ago

    Anyone know where more episodes can be found? A lot got taken down.. I’m
    willing to pay anyone who has originals on vhs or dvd

  • FeatherWings78 4 years ago

    Okay I can understand that. But can you try and look for it/

  • socalman08 4 years ago

    They can’t show nudity on most shows except pay channels. The Playboy
    channel had a strip show on where a guy actually lost EVERYTHING but
    covered his privates with his hands.

  • chosen357 4 years ago

    damnnn i would have some fun with Jada

  • FeatherWings78 4 years ago

    They did? Really? Do you have that episode?

  • Carl Gray 4 years ago

    i got 3 episodes on vhs joe

  • zellatron 4 years ago

    hahaha i remember secretly staying up late to watch this when I was a kid.

  • relnic B 4 years ago

    Thank you. Post more to make me feel happy.

  • KazeriantheVIIII 4 years ago

    I went to see this show live once when my brother was a contestant and it
    did seem staged and rigged for television.

  • CSAlmanac 4 years ago

    Not sure if I have it or not, but it was sometime in season one, I believe.
    It was before they started doing stripping penalties in both rounds, I
    believe. The outfits they had left were the run of the mill stuff like
    you’d see at the end of a game. Don’t even think either of them were
    stripped to thongs.

  • Lance Vance 4 years ago

    Great video! I loved this show! Can you post more episodes?

  • mose7328 4 years ago

    what is the name of the 1st girl

  • reddog694uk 4 years ago

    These chicks are grandmothers by now !!

  • iquagmire 4 years ago

    Still better (and more risque) than any of the crap on today!

  • CSAlmanac 4 years ago

    Since it was made for basic cable and syndication, they never had any
    intention of them showing much skin beyond reasonable, late night limits.
    One episode even featured the girls lose so many articles of clothes after
    round 2 that they had to allow them to put a few articles back on. The
    crowd booed and Graham laughed and said “sorry guys, but we actually want
    to stay on the air and our sponsors might not approve.”

  • Big_Cero 4 years ago

    This show made me lose my innocence when I was 10 years old, and I love it
    for that!!!! LOL