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Yes, we got to play strip poker with Maxim Magazines 2013 Home Hotties finalist Jaquie Ohh and Playboy Centerfold Shelby Chesnes! And everyone gets exposed! …
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  • BikiniTeam.TV 4 years ago

    Checkout the latest video from Clip Critics featuring Jaquie Ohh and Shelby

    Strip Poker with Jaquie Ohh and Shelby Chesnes

  • Fliegendes Geheimnis 4 years ago

    Fuck you, America! If white girl doesn’t want to suck black man’s cock, it
    doesn’t mean she’s racist! Stop brainwashing people like if they don’t want
    to have sex with every rase out there it makes them racists. It’s not about
    rasism at all, it’s about taste. I don’t feel any attraction to black or
    asian chicks – does it makes me racist? Fuck no! I still respect blacks and
    asians, I just don’t want to fuck them!

  • xnate128x 4 years ago

    You people need to stop worrying about racism so Damn much. Seriously, who
    cares? There are way too many other things in life to worry about. Our
    economy is in crisis. It is getting worse year by year, and racism is what
    we keep obsessing over? You people need to get a clue, and grow up. 

  • Phil S. 4 years ago

    2:29 THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • minecraftgamingprods 4 years ago


  • Adam Mazza 4 years ago

    The one on the rightttt… AWWWWW lemme titty fuck you.

  • Past Time 4 years ago

    I just love how woman think they’re so much better than everyone else on
    earth and what they say goes like the 2 in this video.. “We’re out of
    here.” like they always think they can be mean and no one will say anything
    about it.. well no and fuck you ones who are like that..

  • Capel Jorquera 4 years ago

    2:13 You are welcome.

  • Past Time 4 years ago

    omg.. Zimmerman?! omg…

  • Dilruba Alu 4 years ago

    Blondey gave me a boner.

  • Davis Djubovs 4 years ago

    The one to the left! Awww. Perfect body! And pretty face. :)

  • Tehd3struct0rz 4 years ago

    This vid is hilarious and the comments section is even better. 

  • rayyan alghamdi 4 years ago

    Go fully naked next time

  • Jordan Davies 4 years ago

    You never get to see tits in these things

  • John Doe 4 years ago

    You guys should do a competition video— How many marshmallows can you stuff
    in your bra? Then how many donut holes can you stuff in your bikinis?

  • Joshua Bryant 4 years ago

    Kobi bryant

  • Freddie Rankin 4 years ago

    Get Freddie at 1106 Frey st 

  • XFirefox45X 4 years ago

    Pause Exactly at 0:11 I think we found ourself a lesbian!

  • Kari Roth 4 years ago


  • DylanSpinks09 4 years ago


  • Hog Rider 4 years ago


  • Francisco Melara 4 years ago

    No. Fuck you

  • Ohh Zevo 4 years ago

    Wow they are hot

  • christopher dodds 4 years ago


  • Araya Thomson 4 years ago

    You two sexy