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  • yashnu 4 years ago

    Great play, lots of good analysis on the UTG raise + MP flat or MP

  • monk3608 4 years ago

    Really great series following Charlie’s run. Lots of good plays to think
    about and just an awesome insight to the game with Evan’s commentary. Thx
    for the review and congrats Epiphany77

  • TheRsEM 4 years ago

    Congrats charlie for taking it down!

  • indahood193193 4 years ago

    cheers for the review, for you running through it and to Epiphany. was
    really beneficial imo.

  • Firemaker100 4 years ago

    Thanks Charlie congratulations!

  • Sean Gagne 4 years ago

    These videos are fantastic. This is definitely showing me some of the
    leaks that I have in my game. Can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to
    start taking down some of these tourneys.

  • Emanuel A. Z. 4 years ago

    hi evan,

    have been wondering : how do you participate in the sunday million
    tournament, since online poker has been made illegal in the us ? did you
    really move out of the country ?

    liking your vids a lot, keep em coming!

  • Craig Williams 4 years ago

    Very insightful, thanks bro! 

  • marvin tan 4 years ago

    Amazing Win Charlie Congrats, Now Let’s get out there and Stackin’ the
    Sunday 8th Million Anniversary

  • Ron M 4 years ago

    yeah, progressing with your coaching. Resulting in some modest succes.
    Mixed in some 2,50 90. Won 2, 3rd and 10th out of 6.))
    Not too bad if i may say myself. ).
    May as well bust the next ten, but thats another story. )).

  • Darrel Lyons 4 years ago

    Do any of you guys know some good sites with the best bonus’ for a small
    deposit. I’m starting a $30 – $1mill challenge. LOL. I’m already on stars,
    pkr, sky poker, full T, 888, titan poker, lock, bet365 poker and party

  • james pegrum 4 years ago

    Nice review and well done to Charlie.I am playing the sunday million on
    23rd feb as a birthday treat to myself.

  • Adam Chalmers 4 years ago

    Congrats, Charlie! Very happy for you!

  • Kelson Vieira 4 years ago

    Nice Videos! I wish i could play at least a 55 buy in game

  • Ricardo Azevedo 4 years ago

    Nice run, nice result, congratz and thanks Charlie for sharing and Evan for

  • Drummer1000George 4 years ago

    Around 10:10 where does the 46% come from?

  • KingXIV2 4 years ago

    Ive played this tournament over 12 times and Ive never cashed hehe. been
    runnin like shit

  • Clescarb 4 years ago

    Hey Charlie thank you for sharing the HH for this tourney! Very well
    played sir! Also a huge thanks to Evan for taking the time to review it
    and add the commentary, insightful as always!

  • thebirdman 4 years ago

    Nice review.

    I take it Charlie started practicing HU after giving away $30k in equity.

  • David Thompson Moral 4 years ago

    Hey Gripsed, I already watched they review of the final table by pokerstars
    after the 5 first parts.

    Sunday Million January 12th 2014

    Cool thing is you can see all hole cards and how crazy crazyalex is :)
    Going to watch this last one right now. Great reviews! Keep it up!

  • antony travers 4 years ago

    he played those aces nice im going broke there to.

  • ro lee 4 years ago

    Charlie, congratz once again on this megascore, I think you played real
    good and obviously made a fantastic deal! We’ll probably see more of your
    work in the future :-)
    Dear Mr. J.; outstanding HHR, really learnfull and entertaining as to come
    You’re doing a brilliant job on this Project and are very much appreciated!
    Keep up the good work sir.

  • Icekuma23Chen 4 years ago

    Honestly after 14 hours if he had won or got 2nd to 3rd I´d still say
    nicely done. Great he managed to make a deal when only 3 remained. Thanks
    for letting us watch the epic journey and hope you make it deep again!

  • Luciano Oliveira 4 years ago

    Gripsed, your videos are helping me to improve my game a lot.

    Im a brazilian player and I do not lost any video of you.

    Thank u man, have fun already, and get a lot of stack in ;)

  • Tj Lily 4 years ago

    so how do we download(for free) your soundtrack?? ITS