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Winner of the 2K Sunday Million WCOOP Special Edition – Jaron, stars in this poker tournament review. While the tech-savvy Dutchman grinds his way to the win, Evan critique’s this novice…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Jimiish 4 years ago

    Clearly, watching Gripsed is +ev

  • cienglad 4 years ago

    why the fuck he made a deal 3 ways when he has 79 k against 13k and 20k? i
    find that extra – ev i would have said no to the deal and keep playing, if
    some guy get to double up then we discuss again if no i keep pressuring to
    the end with my massive chip advantage! Very impressive series Evan!

  • blackpanter2111 4 years ago

    Really nice series. Thanks for the review. Just dont see the reason why he
    made a deal ^^

  • Abdi Khalif 4 years ago

    40k winner take all, that is really insane

  • BangSa Muklo 4 years ago

    I’m too late …shyt!!!!

  • Proj3ctSpartan 4 years ago

    I signed up my names william in the sign up im waiting to get accepted :)

  • Edgar Ortiz 4 years ago

    Hey gripsed what do you think about the deal being made? It seems like he
    gave up a sick amount of equity.. i mean he had so many of the chips in
    play and money wasn’t split too accordingly. Would appreciate the thoughts

  • Seasonial 4 years ago

    Loved this one! I play alot online last time. Won almost 100 dollars in 2
    days. (Which is alot for me cause i play low stack atm). But i went tilt
    and i lost it all at retarded all ins.. Doesn,t matter ill keep on going
    and build a my way up. These series learn me alot, not especially i copy
    the plays of Jarron. But still i learn chances, and how to make my bankroll
    go up.

    Keep it up !!!

    Bryan (The Netherlands)

  • Anthony Buttigieg 4 years ago

    Evan, long time listener first time caller. These Sunday Million vids are
    awesome and, as I’m sure I speak for a ton of non gripsters, I thank you.
    But I really wish you would post a link to the poker stars coverage or
    perhaps give the date of the tourney so we can figure it out for ourselves.
    I just think it would be awesome, as a supplement, to watch the whole final
    with cards exposed. If for no other reason other than checking reads… But
    also seeing what we/he(I now get how weird that is for you) got people off
    of and how wide(somewhat forget his name and on an iPad so not checking it
    twice) mr. Santiago was opening just for the experience and lines others
    tend to take in a final table scenario with such large pay jumps. Think the
    jaw dropping moment was the the 1/5 ante to pretty much turning down 169k
    gtd. anyway bro thanks for the great vids and even better analysis. P.s.
    Was really trying to join team gripsed. The site was down for a few months
    around that time so hopefully this time around I get the option… No
    worries I’m sure you were prob shooting the rap vid to go with your new
    song ;-)

  • Peter31111 4 years ago

    just watched the whole series and i wouldnt be able to win all those
    coinflips in a row in a million years but still learned a lot from this

  • onmywayup84 4 years ago

    Thank you for great helpful videos. Will definitely also sponsor a member
    to the million when i hit it big. A thankful member from Finland

  • BlackSnazZ 4 years ago


  • hasbroctave 4 years ago

    Very classy Jeroen to give back some of the money 😉
    Congratulation for this impressive win.

  • Roy Andriessen 4 years ago

    gefeliciteerd man, en je sunday mill freeroll is een leuke actie!

  • JapanNaughtyMan 4 years ago

    Yo grip just won a 11 dollar 6-max turbo on stars for $535 all because of

  • Darrel Lyons 4 years ago

    I’ve not watched this video yet but i just wanted to say that i feel like a
    kid again when i see your new videos come up at the top of my YouTube page.
    Love your videos and i and i’m sure everyone else appreciate what your
    doing for us!

  • frazzledazzle89 4 years ago

    Well played, cool promo too, think i’ll get amongst it

  • jim miller 4 years ago

    how do you know all these people?

  • eyecolortwo 4 years ago

    that song man, its sooo badass 😀 

  • Spontaneous Paedophile 4 years ago

    i think the flip its worth 13.33k one third of the money asuming that if he
    loses he will have doubole chances of winning with double stack if hes
    equaly skilled so he will win 2,6k oner the long run. THAT CALCULATION IS
    so if someone is sure about it please correct or confirming.

  • Kfir Menashe 4 years ago

    Jeroen thanks a lot! i wish i will be able one day to do the same

  • Zack HS 4 years ago

    I’m more excited about meeting and playing with more gripsders in the home
    game than the prize itself. GL everybody in this Sunday grind.

  • Mardy Bum 4 years ago

    I cant wait to get to Costa Rica. Look out for my Bovada bank roll
    challenge videos. GRIPSED is getting me back on Pokerstars!! Project get
    me to Costa Rica coming soon!! Love your Videos So grateful!! 

  • brian king 4 years ago

    Great series! I appreciate all you do. Keep up the good work and I hope to
    see you reviewing your own Sunday Million soon.

  • K4nnix 4 years ago

    Hey Evan, why don’t you show some badass Handhistorys from yourself ?