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  • EricSmyth14 4 years ago

    KK23 is trash for the most part. Plenty of reverse implied odds there. It
    reminds me of K ten in holdem. Look at a board like Q 5 5. Is that a good
    flop? What about 4 7 J? What flop are you looking for exactly? If I 2 or a
    3 comes, you have no low, and when you do make 8 5 10 – 6 – Q to the river,
    do you expect to scoop that pot? Do you expect half? Which half? What I am
    saying is, unless you smash the flop with an ace and a 4 or a 5, or flop a
    king, the hand does poorly multi way, and heads up it’s really tricky too.
    I would stick to double suited KK23 only… and when oop especially, would
    advise taking caution when playing it. If you are newer, you should snap
    fold KK24 and KK 34 and QQ 23 off and QQ24 in almost any position,
    especially in pot limit variations.Even suited K’s make the sucker flush,
    so make sure to extract value from double suited King’s backdoor flush
    potential as their main bonus profitability source. A good rule of thumb is
    onlu playing hands that contain an ace, as %90 of profitable hands contain
    an ace. -Eric

  • mich gern 4 years ago

    can you explain about if there’s a 4 low and 5 low on the board pls.