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Three of the world’s top poker experts: WSOP Champions Mike Matusow and Todd Brunson, and best-selling poker author David Sklansky discuss, debate and teach …
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  • Deimantas Matukas 5 years ago

    Laughing at sklansky’s face lolooll!

  • SuperHemou 5 years ago

    dat high-five is the greatest thing ive ever seen in my life !

  • Claymore224 5 years ago

    it is to a degree.

  • OriginalNex 5 years ago

    67 suited yes if your on small chips

  • joelgiles 5 years ago

    i would give the blond chick my d!!k

  • Claymore224 5 years ago

    sklansky is thinking “fuck these niggas”

  • kfbpro22 5 years ago

    Lol they are doggin Sklansky.

  • dangputerz 5 years ago

    with those blinds he would have had to on the next one. Odds are, the next
    two do not come with a preflop pair.

  • MsYihua 5 years ago

    terrible acting…..

  • Tuxster3 5 years ago

    I’ve heard that Matusow is always broke.

  • helena dealis 5 years ago

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  • Parag Shah 5 years ago

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  • senesful 5 years ago

    These niggers Are fucking LUCKY !

  • fineboxtk 5 years ago

    i dont like ppl saying poker is about luck !