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Poker is a family of card games involving betting and individual play, whereby the winner is determined by the ranks and combinations of their cards, some of which remain hidden until the end…
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  • Silver documentary 4 years ago

    World series of poker 2014 in HD link is here :
    World Series Of Poker Main Event 2014 Episode 1 HD

  • centlician 4 years ago

    Moneymaker is just a lucky retard. Gambling junkie

  • kevin o 4 years ago

    I haven’t player poker since the government pulled their stunt in 2011. I
    know there is a few online sites open for US players but they already
    screwed us once. 

  • It is I 4 years ago

    you look at hands Moneymaker sucked outl.. he was just a massive luck box
    that’s all. As it stands, he doesn’t have poker skills above of an average
    meh grinder at best

  • Tim Grace 4 years ago

    16:52 haha dudes name is Dikshit

  • Area Man 4 years ago

    Love how they refer to it as a “sport”. Gimme a break, it’s not a SPORT,
    you see half of those fat fucks at the table, does that mean they are
    ATHLETES because they play poker? 

  • junk can 4 years ago

    Kenny Rogers no longer looks or sounds like Kenny Rogers.

  • Slush Fund 4 years ago

    16:53 LOL

  • bamafader 4 years ago

    anurag dikshit

  • Scott Jones 4 years ago

    Fuck u lederer!

  • rico305305 4 years ago

    what an ignorant prick MoneyMaker 32:45 (“put his money in drawing to
    nothing”) lol lol ….I’d rather have K5hh in that spot any day over AK…

  • Brian Hughes 4 years ago

    34:35 bahahahahaha

  • szanto anna 4 years ago


  • Ivana Zdravkovic 4 years ago

    phil is the man

  • Simo Kirbs 4 years ago

    howard fergerson jail time

  • Leif Sondre Jensen 4 years ago

    Chris Moneymaker and David Gamble… What are the odds..

  • si yol Park 4 years ago


  • rico305305 4 years ago

    MoneyMaker is such a degenerate! If he doesn’t win, he is just like all the
    other degen losers out there that you never hear of again

  • Youssef Haddada 4 years ago

    maker is a degen and howard is scum prick. shoot him and leave him in the

  • Grapes&Cheerios 4 years ago

    Great docu guys! Tx for the upload