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Learn the stealing blinds strategy for winning Texas Holdem poker tournaments in this free poker instructional videos from our expert card game player and pr…

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  • gil costa 4 years ago

    what the fuck lol…

  • notsobad 4 years ago

    You fail at maths. It may also be because the guy never supported his
    explanation by maths.

  • jakejumpover 4 years ago

    All the negative comments are stupid.

  • Anicar Cabrera 4 years ago

    OMG, He looks like a profesional Bingo player, not a poker player

  • ShootForFun824 4 years ago

    expert village fails… at all instruction videos…

  • Eric Stainrook 4 years ago

    yes but if you don’t go all in with such a small stack you show weakness
    and are almost assured a call, which you ideally want everyone to think you
    have AA and fold. The all in will get you better results in this context in
    the long run I do believe.

  • David O'Donnell 4 years ago

    Once you get down to less than ten big blinds you have an unplayable stack
    and have to make decisions that are somewhat out of the ordinary. The good
    thing is that you will be tend to be called by someone who has a mediocre
    holding themselves because a) they really want to get you out and b)
    because they assume that your decision could be based on a weak holding.

  • whanxta a 4 years ago

    couldnt agree more

  • rickvaughn 4 years ago

    Does anybody know where this dumbass plays cash games? This was completely
    unhelpful….I kept waiting for Rick Astley to interrupt

  • leafmapleca 4 years ago

    what the fuck is this shit

  • GoogleCanBlowMe 4 years ago

    if you have 9 chips, and the bb is 2, you don’t have “9 times the bb”, lol

  • Alberto Cini 4 years ago


  • MickMack1459 4 years ago

    wow this guy is a joke.. this guy is probably some nerd that research this
    on the internet and thinks he actually is good

  • worldssound 4 years ago

    every tip was good besides the hand that he was ready to shov it in with…
    i mean come on, 8-7?! with that small stack obviously someone that has you
    beat will call, so your either flipping or are an underdog between 20-38%

  • Marele Blond 4 years ago

    I get it! if you have nice shades it means you can play…lol!

  • Cr4zYS4uCe 4 years ago

    what the fuck terrible explanation wow you’re bad.

  • mountyyouth 4 years ago

    what a moron

  • travaduopaxies 4 years ago

    you can do this only if you have mediocare cards.if you 3 , 2 off suit you
    fold because the guy with the more chips will possibly call thinking that
    you are bluffing.

  • Eric Stainrook 4 years ago

    Wow you sure are good at jumping to stupid conclusions. Who said anything
    about wanting people to fold when I actually have Aces. We are talking
    about being blinded out and having to either double up by getting a
    playable hand, or taking the dead money in the pot (Antes) and the blinds
    to give you time to play tight. Did you even watch the video or are you too
    much of an idiot to actually read these comments in context? Typical UK no
    manners BS – UK WAS known for being polite – what happened?

  • Havaseet 4 years ago

    A short order cook using his checkers trying to make us believe he can play

  • kalka69 4 years ago

    who is this guy? i reckon i could teach him ffs

  • deefromott 4 years ago

    I don’t see why people need to take what’s already obvious and meticulously
    explain it. This is what happens when you take a simple game and make it

  • autumncathedral 4 years ago

    My God! Stop posting videos. You know shit about poker. If the blinds are
    substantial there is more to it. People will defend their stacks with 7 4
    os against AA if they are short stacked; they still have a 38% chance heads
    up. Anyone reading this wanting to steal DON”T BE PREDICTABLE. Steal from
    the high jack or earlier. EVERYONE KNOWS THE BUTTON WILL TRY TO STEAL! P.S.
    If you insist on watching this nit’s video. Let me know where you play
    poker :)

  • NegreanuBoy87 4 years ago

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  • adam75south 4 years ago

    i’m a fan of betting half stack instead of all. it’s implied that you’re
    committed and will be all in after the flop no matter what drops. going all
    in looks weak and makes people wanna call.