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Learn to base aggressiveness on blind structure to win in Texas Holdem poker tournaments in this free poker instructional videos from our expert card game pl…
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  • funincluded 4 years ago

    Because only a fucking moron would think I was being serious, and proceed
    to give some advice to that person

  • humberto valdez 4 years ago

    if u ever fold king jack because u think the guy next to u is a “name
    player” then u shouldnt be at the table EVER

  • rbferrer100 4 years ago

    @fckrsgj yeah i love poker, if you use a no deposit bonus you can get start
    for free. you dont need a credit card you can get $8 for free get it here

  • Jason Jarrett 4 years ago

    how is what i said wrong OR stupid… i responded to your post about
    Folding Aces pre flop

  • bray4523 4 years ago

    This guys has no idea what hes talkin about. Who cares who the player is to
    your left ], You need to play your game period.

  • funincluded 4 years ago

    I’m glad you got a larf

  • Conor Harten 4 years ago

    im gona make a poker video and send it to this guy cuz he sucks..and by the
    way you can never fold aces preflop..its the nuts. and if ya fold, wat hand
    are ya gona play wit then kk? its the wrong play 100% of the time

  • funincluded 4 years ago

    I was being sarcastic, dumbass you’re a fucking moron if you thought for a
    second that anything in that comment was true.

  • FantomCRO 4 years ago

    @marcjtdc dont worry… this guy is not any good anyway :)

  • Antikrist RotMG 4 years ago

    Dude i hope you are joking, or else you are very bad…..

  • Jason Jarrett 4 years ago

    lol You’re a giant retard

  • Bauer84 4 years ago

    @CMLaneLV You can easily fold pocket aces preflop… if 3 or 4 people have
    shipped infront of you and your tournament is on the line ive folded, if
    its just one or 2 players that have shipped and your last or 2nd to last to
    act then its an easy call.

  • WaspSnG 4 years ago

    Folding Aces préflop is only profitable at sattelites, doubles or nothings
    and money bubbles. I wouldn’t ever recommend it though. Lame video.

  • michel nguyen 4 years ago

    lol this guys a donk plays poker wit himself nice try

  • swingdocta 4 years ago

    wsop me is a 30k starting stack

  • Thomas 4 years ago

    lol are you retarded? so because he is a good player you wont play KJ? wtf
    more do you want?

  • a181570s 4 years ago

    lol expertvillageaments

  • bonghitsandbigtits 4 years ago

    @DanieINegreanu you say the saem god damn thing every poker video on you
    tube..get soem new material you wannabe fag

  • koutorstar 4 years ago

    talk shit all day

  • pedroff10 4 years ago

    this is crap all of your videos are crap you are crap.. fucking looser..
    you should be learning not teaching -.-

  • hotnapkinman 4 years ago


  • Waqas Raja 4 years ago


  • yobacca12 4 years ago

    lol what dumbass!

  • coldplasma 4 years ago

    Any good poker player will tell you that king jack is a deceptive hand.
    70/80% of the time on a 10man table like the main event, someone will have
    an ace and if you don’t hit anything, you’re pretty much screwed, not to
    mention what happens if the ace hits. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good hand,
    but with the main event, you can afford to lay it down when you are out of
    position in the small blind.

  • Justin White 4 years ago

    @CMLaneLV You fold Aces preflop when your on or near satelite bubbles, And
    sometime money bubbles with low to mid stack But yeh nice quote