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Moss deals with the fire emergency in the only way he knows how – by sending an email.
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  • ha ha ha XD

  • xblinkz1 4 years ago

    I’m a foreigner and I live in a middle eastern country. Long story short,
    English is really my third language, and I have to say that between British
    and american humor, the Brits take the cake.

  • Alice Dunigan 4 years ago

    Is this more Cecil or Carlos from Night Vale?

  • Borilius Belatorium 4 years ago

    Damn i miss this show….

  • Supersonic Animation 4 years ago


  • Chell Johnson 4 years ago

    4 I mean 5 I mean Fire!

  • “Put this over here by the rest of the fire” LOLS!

  • Anne Marie Carson 4 years ago

    I’ve sent an email! It’s fine!

  • EddieHawkinsII 4 years ago

    Fire? Fire…

  • Costati 4 years ago

    British are so funny and Moss is so freaking cute.

  • harry bosch 4 years ago

    people told me this was funny….this is e first episode ive seen….its

  • yana Reyes 4 years ago

    Wow nice effert to your video

  • Infisolus Sp. z o.o. 4 years ago

    I odrobina humoru na początek dnia. Trzymajcie się z dala od ognia :)
    #humor #IT 

  • eims_mc64 4 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • mushiyudi 4 years ago

    :DDD hahaha, my favorite scene

  • DeusExMJ12 4 years ago

    Don’t look at my feet!

  • Ratin Rahman 4 years ago

    Brit comedy rules!

  • Jackoo Grayhan 4 years ago

    This show is so friggin’ awesome xD

  • Nicholas Ansloan 4 years ago

    I haven’t seen the episode for more than a year and I STILL remember the
    number 0118999881999119725…3! Damn that’s a catchy tune!

  • Javier Salinas 4 years ago

    Fire exclamation mark
    fire exclamation mark

  • Ryad Arlan 4 years ago

    Moss: Pheonix fires of NSW chief director.

  • Szymon Zalewski 4 years ago
  • Christopher Darren Horn 4 years ago

    The IT Crowd – Series 1 – Episode 2: Fire!:

  • lancelotto475 4 years ago

    I didn’t understand the “made in Britain” joke. Is the British
    manufacturing sector bad in real life or something?