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  • Madbomber 4 years ago

    It’s all situational, it always depends on the person you’re playing
    against and how well and fast you’re able to learn what their tendencies
    are and how they behave/react in certain spots. And even then it’s a bit of
    a guessing game … but the higher your accuracy of making the right
    decision based on the information you’ve gathered dictates your long term
    profit or lack of it. Then there’s also variance that messes you up … but
    there’s no secret formula it’s all based on experience provided you’ve
    accumulated enough knowledge.

    Having said that let me open another micro stakes table =)

  • SmokeRingsPipeDreams 4 years ago

    I think I’ll change my poker name to Duuuuuuuh. LOL

  • cseto1 4 years ago

    fukin elevator music

  • adamo36532 4 years ago

    the background music lmao

  • SmokeRingsPipeDreams 4 years ago

    This is really good poker advice from Mr Dwan!

  • Jonathan Kelly 4 years ago

    his bluffstrategy… bet every hand; and his live play, he does this dumb
    looking face stare 

  • Jimmy Lopez 4 years ago

    This video is another bluff… 

  • MrDard123 4 years ago

    the interviewer was so hot :P

  • Rj Batchelor 4 years ago

    like Durrr’s gonna tell you anything.PULEASE the man did’nt get to where he
    is,by elaborating on his strategy,

  • umswagger 4 years ago

    Most poker questions like this interviewer is asking are silly because
    basically the real answer is “It depends on the situation and your
    opponent(s).” There is no one set answer for these questions. That’s the
    great thing about poker.

  • Joshwaaaaaaa 4 years ago

    Tom’s body language exudes that he is attracted to this woman, I don’t
    blame him at all.

  • mastyer0fReality 4 years ago

    bad questions

  • Obama 4 years ago

    240p! I just can’t do it 

  • Forwaistee 4 years ago

    I’m pretty sure that girl doesn’t know how hard those questions were 😀

  • lukemur13 4 years ago

    who is this lady?

  • crunk4124 4 years ago

    she is hot

  • Ville G 4 years ago

    respect. he really seemed to put effort to the answers and thought the

  • coconutpepe 4 years ago

    Oh, ok.. often you see someone is gay with looks and manners, with him I
    don’t see it.. looks straight to me but who knows..

  • RaisingAbel 4 years ago

    The questions flat-out suck. How can you ask a pro when to bluff or how to
    tell if someone is bluffing and expect to get a reasonable answer? Anyone
    with half a brain knows it’s situational and takes a lot of experience.
    These are the exact questions you would expect from the dumbest bimbo.

  • bebo3ful 4 years ago

    I think a lot of it is reading body language in the eyes, almost like a
    subconcious read, which is why a lot of her questions were quite difficult.

  • Dagobert Duck 4 years ago

    1:30 i couldnt watch anymore its just too awkward-interviews with poker
    pros, and rubiks cube pros and other geeks should be not allowed

  • Austin Nixon 4 years ago

    @MostarBrato ok think what ever u want so i assume that they jus picked him
    off the street and said yes this is the kid we’ve been lookin for were
    gonna make him into a superstar. how the f@(k do u think he got all his
    money and recondition. of course now he’s bein sponsored.

  • chei1 4 years ago

    WHAT A BAD *é***FéD*F*F*D* MUSIC!!!!!!!!

  • Youmakemefart 4 years ago

    I’d do the chick

  • boutelsworth 4 years ago

    @paloc12 haha yea. they were donk questions