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  • chrispmis 5 years ago

    Like most heros, Dwan ended up dead.

  • Douglas Gama 5 years ago

    9 high !lol

  • TheSteveoizzle 5 years ago

    hes trying to 1-up stu ungar…

  • Winn Laedpriwan 5 years ago

    9 high why called?

  • JayDee SV 5 years ago

    i really like lex…i think he underrated.

  • theivory1 5 years ago

    That kid doesn’t make that mistake very often.

  • Ishkiz 5 years ago

    You should put the season and episode in the description :)

  • Phewsify 5 years ago

    Hey look it’s Yum Yum

  • ShaggyBoombastic123 5 years ago

    Its the last episode of season 6

  • Ben Freer 5 years ago

    yeah, you fucking bitch

  • Paul Cox 5 years ago

    Tom thought Daniel might have been playing a low suited connector that he
    was hoping would have connected to a straight. It’s a hand that would have
    called on the flop as it would beat a set if it connected. On the river,
    since that hand would be dead if he checked, he’d have to bet and rep a
    king/queen/or even the 7.. Had that been the case, the 9 would have been
    good in that spot. Def a creative call.

  • saqib shahzad 5 years ago

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  • THEVAN RAJ 5 years ago

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