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  • Ryan Wasserman 4 years ago

    Would eli take this line with JJ-AA? I think check calling the river with
    these hands is on the safe side but not incorrect. I’m guessing dwan put
    him on AK, because most pairs in eli’s 3 bet range would be check calling
    most bets on the river.

  • Mike Baker 4 years ago

    i think the kid uses mental telepathy on his bluffs……most of the time
    hes full of shit….wait till he plays the asians..they will fuck his silly
    game….put the clock on the silly cunt….he will fold like a sack of
    horse shit.

  • RLMUD 4 years ago

    the simplicity of it is, if eli thought he had the best hand on the flop
    and turn, and he did because he lead out on both. then the river changed
    nothing. ensuring dwan didn’t hit his flush draw. i know its easy when you
    see the hands but i really feel eli mis played this hand. if i put my chips
    in on the flop and then put them in on the turn, if the river changes
    nothing, I’m putting my chips in on the river.
    at least a call if not re-raise. and if dwan had tripps god bless him.
    i don’t claim to be a good poker player, just commenting on how i would
    have played it.

  • Davide Massa 4 years ago

    …”some players make f@k#ing magic, that’s all”…

  • Thompson Lee 4 years ago

    $37,100 was unecessary, oop+small % A-high might call.. no information 

  • James Hartt 4 years ago

    2 words “the best” only 2nd to the great late Stu Unger …

  • Jake Homer 4 years ago

    How do they deal with the poker chip noises? That shit would drive me

  • GetMeThere1 4 years ago

    That flop cries out for a bluff against a pre-flop raiser — all it takes
    is a lone queen to beat a pre-flop raiser. If you’re the preflop raiser
    playing against aggressive, wide-range players you either have to be
    willing to fold or shove. Firing it out like Elezra did only falls right
    into the plans of a player like Dwan.

    I would have check folded the flop. Sometimes you have to admit that a good
    hand (and likely the best hand) doesn’t offer such a good opportunity to
    make money.

  • MyEarsAreHumongous 4 years ago

    @skywalkerdracula no, Eli still has the best hand

  • thisismy name 4 years ago

    dwan’s call on the flop should have been an immediate tell that he didnt
    have a queen. If he had a hand like QJ/AQ/KQ/Q10 he would have reraised the
    flop in order to get flush draws out of the way. surprised Elly didnt call

  • xee00 4 years ago

    I’d be sweatin bullets on that last 72K river bet if I were dwan. Fuck.

  • Manan Subba 4 years ago

    dwans ears go red when he bluffs lol

  • shane armendinger 4 years ago

    What was up with gabes call under the gun with 52 os, with dwan to his left
    of all people?? lol

  • shane armendinger 4 years ago

    This kids instincts are just unbelievable, and his sack is gigundous. I
    just wonder if he gets away with these plays in macau, i mean these guys
    are millionaires on this show, they’re billionaires over in macau. 

  • Norm Bolduc 4 years ago

    I love it when whoever isn’t in the hand will pay to see the hand lol

  • HellloJerry 4 years ago

    Gabe misclicked. Hate when that happens.

  • khun gaz 4 years ago

    @skywalkerdracula If Dwan had an ace, he wouldn’t have the best hand. He
    would have two pair (Queens and 3’s) with an ace kicker. Elezra had two
    pair (Queens and 9’s), which is a higher two pair than Dwan’s. So this was
    certainly a bluff by Dwan.

  • mikecantreed 4 years ago

    Why would Eli bet the river? As a bluff? There are so few hands that call
    he’s beating (6s-8s) and so many that he loses to (full houses and
    10s-Aces). Also the hands he’s beating will check back the river and the
    hands he’s losing to will bet. Bluffs aren’t a big part of durrrrs range
    after the turn call so it would be less than profitable to make a river

  • g foo 4 years ago

    TD the beast!!!!

  • james wilson 4 years ago

    Call under the gun with 5,2 wtf!

  • losskanless 4 years ago

    what a stupid fold stupid check against an aggressive player like dwan

  • Savalan Huseynli 4 years ago

    i wonder who wins in this situation..if eli elezra calls

  • FrozenFuego 4 years ago


  • kuruptzZz 4 years ago

    I know I’m no pro just a lowly $2/5 player but why the f did elezra check
    on the river? I mean I get that he was scared when dwan called the
    turn…but you’ve gone this far dude, at least throw another bet…checking
    is like waving a white flag vs dwan because he will bet with
    anything…look at that pot!

  • likeasamboodeh 4 years ago

    lol ikr, he probably wanted to make a limp-raise play and rep aces or
    something. but with a raise and reraise from Elezra he understood it’s the
    wrong time to do so. that’s what i think, atleast.