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One of the top ten televised bluffs of all time. For the full article with all ten videos click here:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Zhen Wang 5 years ago

    this is cant call bluffing, you dont have nuts you cant call that much.

  • des696969 5 years ago

    ROFL someone is talking shit saying dwan is bad? HES CONSIDERED THE KING OF
    http://FTP.. he’s one of the best of all time.

  • joel yanchus 5 years ago

    durr is one of the most respected players not just online but in live poker
    as well people like ivey Antonius and doyle Brunson all regard him as one
    of the best players in poker today so I think its probley just you who
    thinks he lives on corperate sponsorship lol…get real

  • 420Kasper420 5 years ago

    Get into a hot air balloon and ride it 12,450 miles above your own head.
    There you will find the mass of logic and reasoning you missed out on.

  • jhendrixfanatic2 5 years ago

    Durr: I’m all in Announcer: Wow, that is a gigantic bet! Ya think?! What an

  • Team0rvar 5 years ago

    yea… HAHAHAHA

  • IFidontTHENwhoWILL 5 years ago

    thats y u suk

  • SkateObsession 5 years ago

    lol what kind of shitty accent do these announcers have

  • 12spanku 5 years ago

    Ike Haxton is an amazing poker mind but he hardly has the smoothest voice
    for a commentator.

  • WendyllG 5 years ago


  • Preston Viola 5 years ago

    some donkey amateur isn’t likely to have gotten down to h2h in such a high
    profile event. The higher the stakes, the fewer donkeys.

  • 1218jmm 5 years ago

    Sammy mucked at 6:50 – why did this thing go another 3-1/2 minutes?

  • jonathan bell 5 years ago

    Ike, take note, NO ONE likes hearing your voice. Never do TV commentary
    again, ty.

  • Leggo My Ego 5 years ago

    “over a third of a million dollars”? STFU you annoying douche.

  • Tim Roswell 5 years ago

    Have you ever sat down and watched poker on TV? Durrr doesn’t do that
    often, just a lot of vids of youtube.

  • Ariel Salinas 5 years ago

    /watch?v=Ab5zwvp60Ao … even top pro can lose sometimes

  • TheBarbahaba 5 years ago

    wow so bad commentators why are they talking about the situation like the
    players know the other guy’s hand

  • xTincT117 5 years ago

    Thats actually not korrekt.. AQ would have had AA33 Kicker Q. The hand from
    Sammy is AA66 Kicker J. Since both of Sammys pairs were higher than 33 his
    two pair wasnt counterfeited

  • fearfactz1 5 years ago

    Go back to your country frenchy. This is AMERICA biatch

  • triplenippel123 5 years ago

    Great bluff. Look at him holding his breath at around 4:30. That was w, no
    acting at all.

  • Del Grady 5 years ago

    Don’t see the fuss about Dwan, hands like this show what an egotistical,
    reckless and stupid a player he can be. All in with nothing at these stakes
    is completely moronic, wouldn’t surprise me if he lives purely off
    corporate sponsorship. Same goes with a lot of the “pros”. A few big
    results and a bankroll to play hight stakes with, but sit down at a 500
    table and they do no better than jo bloggs, I’ve seen it happen.

  • Pabs2333 5 years ago

    Good point Viv. Since, I made that comment, I have learned to appreciate
    Durrrs game more, and more. You are correct, I’d much rather be playing
    against bad players than good. It’s just crazy sometimes the moves he gets
    away with. It baffles me. I’d go broke trying to play like him. Take it
    easy man, and if you grind like I do, then good luck.

  • shoticko s 5 years ago

    479,500 over a third of a million? fuck juss say very close to half of a

  • IFidontTHENwhoWILL 5 years ago


  • kyawsing09 5 years ago

    search some videos about ivey and durrr you’ll see :)