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Top 5 Poker Moments - Daniel Negreanu | Canadian poker legend and Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu needs no introduction. Check out some of his top moments. Don’t miss out …
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  • izaak mccullough 4 years ago

    thats like looking at an ex’s facebook page dont do it bahahahah what a

  • sigho1 4 years ago

    Daniel negreanu is romanian first of all , don’t forget that !

  • mike mcloughlin 4 years ago

    pokerstars is a fix they have employees playing tournements that’s why
    your aces gets called all in by J2 and you loose they know what cards are

  • Fares Aghabi 4 years ago

    Tony G is such a prick

  • EmXtraMoney 4 years ago

    At 7:07, what could have the guy who had 10 & 9 have gotten to have an 11%
    chance of winning? I thought Shlomo’s pair of Kings had him beat

  • getoffmypage 4 years ago

    Daniel Negreanu defends pokerstars’ rake increase which stabbed thousands
    of regulars in the back. We have seen your true colours now, mr Negreanu.

    Bunch of capitalist poker players, can’t trust them one bit

  • Rocklaze 4 years ago

    The event at 12:51 could someone tell me the name so i can watch it in

  • Devon Allary 4 years ago

    Doyle Brunson is a donkey. I’ve never seen him play a hand to completion
    when he didn’t have the nuts. Dude should grow some nuts instead of sitting
    around waiting for them to fall into his hand.

  • ilikemuffins222 4 years ago

    3:50 thats what phil gets for making his patented pussy tiny river bet that
    he always makes

  • G.Black 4 years ago

    The speach play in the 2nd hand against the kings is why speach play can be
    so effective if used correctly, great job from Negreanu.

  • materiauser 4 years ago

    Hate tony g so much.

  • daniel payne 4 years ago

    Fill Hell muff is a ragequitter.

  • thechosenMOE 4 years ago

    Folding the KK lol! What an idiot

  • 19celts 4 years ago

    tony g sucks

  • Bud Jones 4 years ago

    Fuck Tony G

  • neostarsx1 4 years ago

    what with that faggot raging on the river cause someone deciding? i would
    of punched him in the head.

  • TheNasDady 4 years ago

    I love Tony G.

  • Ryan Drehmann 4 years ago

    That move would actually be representing the queen, not the 4.. The 4 being
    a “blank” or an inconsequential card, making it safe to raise with top
    pair, or a similar hand..

  • Michael Angst 4 years ago

    The speech of him saying he had aces or kings was genius he would’ve prolly
    called or at least tanked a lot longer if he didn’t say that.

  • SachTard 4 years ago

    haha lex folded jq at he wouldve had a straight on the turn if he didnt
    look at his face 12:10

  • Matheus Costa 4 years ago

    I see how Negreanu read the bluff in the firat play. Hellmuth checks when
    the queen comes, but he raises when a 4 comes while saying “finally I see
    it’s safe to raise a little”. He was clearly bluffing. He was pretending to
    have a pair of 4s, but it’s not even safe to raise with a pair of fours in
    your hand.

  • scaralice 4 years ago

    He’s entertaining ,and very cool player.

  • Harry Efthym 4 years ago


  • กลุ่มสีส้ม ไม่เลือกข้าง สิทธิเสรีภาพเป็นของปวงชน 4 years ago

    I want play poker

  • 4 years ago

    and what do i do now? check my ex’s facebook page…