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Jennifer is a chess champion, author, poker player and commentator. Her books Chess Bitch and Play Like A Girl both aim to bring more women and girls into ch…
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  • George Grasser 4 years ago

    In all probability there will be only one comment on this video. This one.
    Because most people in our world are idiots. Anyone can be awesome at
    Chess. If you can’t master it yourself, simply teach a child. As Lasker did
    for Dr. Joseph Platz and Platz did for me. As I do for the many children
    who have parents that are slightly less than a moron. The 5 to 9 year old
    will master the game. Effortlessly I might add. One of them is right here
    on Youtube defeating Grandmaster Sergey Kudrin. I will always be proud, and
    most of you will always be stupid. 

  • KARTIKEYA007 4 years ago

    Useless presentation

  • Open School 4 years ago

    The Audio level is slightly feeble. Even i adjusted the level in my system,
    still it’s too low. If it’s adjusted in source, it will be very useful for
    the viewers. 

  • ChessNetwork 4 years ago

    Understanding chess mastery by Jennifer Shahade

    +1 !

  • Mathview 4 years ago

    I found WGM Jennifer’s presentation thought provoking, and an excellent
    treatment of “specialist to generalist” problem. Often specialists have
    difficulty communicating their stuff to non-specialists. What to do? Not
    so easy. I like this this talk as a very well crafted showcase of
    how-to-communicate to a diverse intelligent audience. What’s not to like? +
    She’s totally adorable. Hula-hoop chess simul? Wow!

  • MegaChijioke 4 years ago

    She has spoken like a Pro. Chess is a game I am eager to learn.

  • Henrik de Gyor 4 years ago

    Understanding Chess Mastery, decision trees, thinking out the thought
    process, Hulachess, life decisions and critical moments. How do you decide
    when to think hard?

  • Jennifer Shahade 4 years ago

    Check out my TED talk on YouTube! 

  • Mark Hazell 4 years ago

    After reading some of the comments on this video, I have seen that many
    people have missed the point of the talk. Shahade is using chess as a
    medium to talk about the real world. She draws the parallel between the
    14th move (thinking for half an hour for the next sequence of moves) and a
    special transition in your life, generally speaking.
    She doesn’t offer any solace for deciding on which moment in your chess
    game (figuratively speaking) is the defining moment to take the time and
    think much harder than you did for your other moves. She vaguely says that
    there will be some signs of the time to think hard about your next move-
    like the king in the center of the board. You cannot think over every
    move for the majority of your time either because living is also a timed
    Anyway, I think that this is what Jennifer is trying to convey to the
    audience. I could be wrong and missing her entire point, but as far as I
    can tell this is her main point.

  • jeffwads 4 years ago

    Love that story. 

  • Andy Vaughn 4 years ago

    Cool. Thanks, Jen!

  • J0k3rstar 4 years ago

    i would love to learn chess now! not useless at all. fools to think so

  • Jonah Orange 4 years ago

    Where U stop and think on 14. I usually do it on 19. Its looked over quute

  • Moop Cow 4 years ago

    she is so hot

  • David Churchill 4 years ago

    As chess player, this presentation seems to dumb down chess to the common
    sense basics. Decision trees are just a fancy visualization of how just
    about anyone weighs and calculates their options for chess, any other game,
    or any problem in life really. The only thing that really felt like it
    deserved the slightest attention here was possibly the “knowing when to
    think” point, which doesn’t seem very relevant outside of chess other than
    maybe in sports (and I guess test taking?), where decisions are also timed.
    Maybe ideas that seem like common sense to a chess player aren’t so
    familiar to the average non-player though, and there may be some ideas that
    are common sense to others that would seem revolutionary to me.

  • Julio Bezerra 4 years ago

    I have found chess is like golf. Golf has different handy caps, chess has
    different levels. Once I found that out chess was not really about being

  • Paulo Johannes 4 years ago

    interresting but the audio is too low even for vlc media

  • Card Kingdom 4 years ago

    *Watching Jennifer Shahade talk about decision-making!*

    Gotta love Ted Talks

  • Sean Clark 4 years ago

    Understanding chess mastery by Jennifer Shahade

    +1 !

  • Sean Clark 4 years ago

    Understanding chess mastery by Jennifer Shahade

    +1 !

  • astakos01 4 years ago

    i find her so sexy, but i dont know why????????!!!!

  • Todd Miller 4 years ago

    Probably the best TED talk I’ve watched.