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  • abdi1983 4 years ago

    I normally limp in with small pairs 22-99 or flat call a raise but my
    problem is playing AK-AJ people call with small connectors knowing you have
    strong hand like AK and they just call you down as long they don’t see a
    high card I know i should fold but it drives me mad lol and soon you check
    they go for big raise they get alot of pots like that how do you deal with

  • s ravindrakumar Mysore 4 years ago

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  • Crystal Charline Cobb 4 years ago

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  • Rounder University Poker Training - UnexceptionalRounder 4 years ago

    Thanks, I think the game should be a constant learning experience, and that
    is the best way to always play your A game.

  • karl summers 4 years ago

    ty 4 ur videos

  • Rounder University Poker Training - UnexceptionalRounder 4 years ago

    Yup, its really not too hard once you have the basics.

  • Dj Lumba' 4 years ago

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  • Heidi91788 4 years ago

    Makin some moneyyyy

  • Babyface Nelson 4 years ago

    The players i make the most from are the players that appear unbeatable or
    feel invincible. I keep an eye on these players on the table and normally
    what happens is if i hit a book, i’m sure as hell sure they’ll throw all
    their stack in if they have a straight or flush. It’s happened a lot and
    when i began playing poker i feared those players. Now they are my bread
    and butter.

  • Babyface Nelson 4 years ago

    Btw nice intro your videos and good information. I recap every couple
    months or when i go on a losing streak.. Anwyays thanks for making these
    videos i’m always looking to improve my game.