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Visit for more great poker videos, poker strategy, freerolls, exclusive poker offers and much more. Phil Hellmuth loses it on Poke…

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  • BarryDennen12 4 years ago

    Reading abi–i-i-i-i-i-lities

  • RazrHack 4 years ago

    Only two types of people wear sunglasses indoors: people with sensitivity
    to light and scumbags. Something tells me Hellmuth isn’t the former.

  • Jared Fitzgerald 4 years ago

    I understand how that would annoy someone (including me) but that was the
    BIGGEST overreaction ever.

  • Robin Banks 4 years ago

    I told them to shut up, how rude Phil

  • Harryrjd 4 years ago

    haha i love it!

  • Spookydagreat 4 years ago

    Hellmuth is the biggest crybaby ever

  • Densegrandeduvan 4 years ago

    Gus – I didn’t hear the please word but hey if you say please hey I won’t
    say a word. I went back and checked. And this is what Phil said: Phil –
    Please, please be quite. He said it two times even. Gus memory is not the

  • Niel J 4 years ago

    whisper: what do you think set him off Answer: playing bad rofl!

  • mathk202 4 years ago

    The ONLY time I’ve had respect for Sheiky is when he owns Phil at 4:04.

  • six80ususus 4 years ago

    Phil is the biggest ahole in poker, she shows no respect to other playes
    anytime he gets beat. He deserved that. Everyone was talking and making fun
    of him not only Sheikhan, but sheikhan is the only one who will show
    rudeness back when phil acts like an idiot so good for him. PHIL cursed at
    him first, not the other way around!

  • Andrew James 4 years ago

    None of you know how to play poker by your comments. When it’s someone hand
    you shut up. If you want to call time, then call time. That’s poker. Even
    if someone talks out loud to themselves you still shut up, that happens
    often. Outside of what I’ve said anything is out of line. This retard just
    keeps going and going. He’s pushing it and pushing it like a punk. Helmuth
    has 12 braceltes. He’s right 99% of the time when he’s mad. It can be
    excessive but he’s right.

  • MrAdam20z 4 years ago

    stupid fucking smelly paki is what he is and all he can do is rape kids
    like a weirdo

  • boney1313 4 years ago

    it seems to me that all except annie duke was ganging up on phil (probably
    a tactic). Now I see alot of people calling phil names and I think these
    people are just hating on phil, these are people who only see him on tv and
    never in person yet think that they can judge him.

  • boney1313 4 years ago

    Some of you think phil was out of line here, i disagree. If any of you know
    anything about playing poker then you would know its common courtesy to be
    quiet during a hand especially if asked by a player. This is common
    courtesy because theres REAL, and sometimes ALOT of money on the line so
    making the right decision is paramount.

  • Ferhan Mahmood 4 years ago

    correct me if im wrong but isent anne his sister?

  • Densegrandeduvan 4 years ago

    Then you’re not very smart. He’s never gonna call you then. Keep losing
    that money pal.

  • DJNiTTram 4 years ago

    i can believe you people defending phil helmut he is such a dick, he doesnt
    give a fuck about people he always can talk but the otherones dont. he
    maybe is great of all times, but he is a dick

  • Rinor Zidran 4 years ago

    Hellmuth at his best! :-)))

  • TheJFKisAFK 4 years ago

    i would have flipped the kings and said “nice reading ability phil”

  • Ferhan Mahmood 4 years ago

    Antonio looked like he had some other stuff on his mind.

  • Malt454 4 years ago

    I’d agree, if Phil could ever shut up and make a decision. “I can’t even
    make a decision anymore.” Phil’s behaviour sure puts a spin on what it
    means to be “professional” in poker.

  • backstreetbabexxx 4 years ago

    i agree with phil.. people need to shut the fuck up during a hand.. the
    only person that should be able to talk is the one about to make a decision

  • TheStrikeboom 4 years ago

    Phil knew Annie Duke had a monster and was 100% folding,that’s just how
    good he trolls <3 PH

  • allikohcysp 4 years ago

    what a sooky lil bitch hahaha. Maurry help me I’m a lil bitch hahahaha

  • ACParker13 4 years ago

    hellmuth is SUCH A BABY wow poker after dark is made to be a fun
    environment 3:39 “let’s have a moment of silence for phil” hahahah huck
    seed is the man!! i totally agree with sheikhan at 4:05, perfectly said