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Filmed for Gutshot Poker – – Sign up now for 110% Deposit Bonus, up to 0 free! On Day 1 of the WSOPE 2010, Heather Sue Mercier check-raises Viktor Blom on…

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  • yu stu 4 years ago

    How is a pair of aces a bluff? Anyway, don’t people get bluffed in poker
    all the time? What’s different about this boring vid?

  • quinlansee1 4 years ago

    haha she kept messing up on shuffling the chips

  • omifical124 4 years ago

    she must head back to the kitchen

  • CockBurnn 4 years ago

    Oh the glorious tilt!

  • tnightwolf 4 years ago

    I would ask her out for that good old cup of coffee…

  • AH17293 4 years ago

    what was in the pot in totality

  • Dane Mitchell 4 years ago

    Vickor bloom is a faggot donk cunt

  • Nomoreidsleft 4 years ago

    How do you know anyone’s bluffing, can’t see the cards.

  • Nick Lyons 4 years ago

    Good show. Definitely tilted her. Bet she was out within the hour.

  • Far Bridge 4 years ago


  • BannedAgian 4 years ago

    but did he get laid?

  • Marko Conte 4 years ago

    Was her body language that gave it all away! Stupid cow

  • Piggyin TheMiddle 4 years ago

    I think she can call here after he looks at his cards then at the board to
    see what outs he has, but ofc she wasn’t paying attention, probably
    thinking about her toenail paint or something

  • 45682s 4 years ago

    that a funny looking kitchen

  • takahirosanndesu 4 years ago

    So assuming that whatever the value for the red chips are it’s the highest,
    she basically committed most of her stack with the turn check-raise. She’s
    clearly an amateur that doesn’t have any plans of what she’ll do after the
    check-raise, she probably just got sick of Viktor making moves. Like was
    her actual plan check-raise and then fold on turn? Hard to come up with a
    hand that does that, and also has a tough decision that requires to tank
    for so long. Like AK?
    I REALLY would’ve liked to see what Viktor had. probably like 85 of clubs

  • DeadenEsteem 4 years ago


  • Blair Adams 4 years ago

    How many bracelets does Viktor Bum have?

  • mux9000 4 years ago

    Guy in background at 3:10 “First of all, you’re a dirty cunt”

  • theTparkboys 4 years ago

    nice read lady

  • Jamin Wellington 4 years ago

    I can smell her panties right about now, sniff her pussy real good and lick
    them until its nice and wet….oops forgot were watching poker lol i mean
    she’s hot, her feet must be sweating with that lovely pugent odor.

  • TraumaER 4 years ago

    HAHA! She got owned!

  • Pizza Fitsmymacros 4 years ago

    Strange looking kitchen

  • Jamin Wellington 4 years ago

    For me what give him away that i knew he was bluffing was the fact for 1
    second he turned his head away not once but twice! ya the worst part she
    saw it and she should have just give it a all-in, let the rockets fly baby!

  • SterbendPro 4 years ago

    kiss my ass

  • Webster Bauer 4 years ago

    Heather Sue Mercer DID, in fact, WIN the lawsuit. Check it out for
    yourselves! Google Heather’s full name.