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Was Jonathan Duhamel Lucky? 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event

Was Jonathan Duhamel Lucky? 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. Watch full episodes
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  • Samu Patronen 4 years ago

    No, he wasn’t lucky. He knew that the 8 of diamonds would come on the
    river. That’s why he is a pro player and we are not.

  • Jon Valencia 4 years ago

    Of course he was lucky, he sucked out that pot, anyway, that’s poker!

  • christoschar1988 4 years ago

    @SlyBoxer anyway i’ve seen many pro poker players to make bad folds and bad
    calls when they play even phil ivey (the best poker player in the world)
    i’ve seen him make very bad decisions and if they are professionals as u
    saying then why every year doesn’t won the wsop one of the pros?? the
    percentage of luck is much more highter than the skills that’s why!!!

  • L0cusT101 4 years ago

    hahahah what a nice hand

  • IveGotTheNuts 4 years ago

    @machak09 Personally on that board pushing all in on the turn is suicide.
    Affleck only ASSUMES his Aces are good. When in fact 7 out of ten times on
    a board like that with all the preflop action ACES would most likely NOT
    hold up. I personally wou;ld not bet ten million in a cash game on aces on
    that board. Affleck seems to think top pair is good on that board . one
    pair is the absolute worst hand in POKER and your going to be 10 000 000 on

  • Marine King 4 years ago

    Amazing play from Affleck. Creates himself an opportunity to double up as
    4:1 favourite with 1 card to come? I’ll take that anytime, dream situation
    deep in ME.

  • dann0nii 4 years ago

    where is the skill there??? the 8 is the skill? … wata idiot…

  • David Proulx 4 years ago

    Of course he got lucky, you ever once won a tournament got lucky at some
    points of the tournament. On the river, he had still 10 outs tho, almost 3
    for 1 on a call … tough to fold in the spot, specially knowing if he
    calls and hits he’s huge stacked

  • @IveGotTheNuts Only better hands like JJ lol your dumb

  • SlyBoxer 4 years ago

    @christoschar1988 No, I don’t believe you. Everyone has their own opinion
    about the percent of luck vs. skill, however, the fact is that there is no
    such percentage. Poker is undeniably a game of skill, but luck is also a
    contributing factor. A poker pro does have more skill than another player,
    that is why they are professionals lol. Their ability to get tells off
    other players is just one example of a skill aspect. Knowing when to fold
    is another aspect of skill, and also calculating pot odds.

  • alexandru rares 4 years ago

    That’s poker guys!!! With AA I would re-raise all-in!!! Affleck should
    better protect his hand!!!! If you try to trap you risk more than if go
    all-in or re-raise and go all-in on the flop!!!!!!

  • majestro777 4 years ago

    of course he was lucky!! It’s impossible to win the ME without this luck!

  • butters226 4 years ago

    This hand won him the ME. Theres also a clip on day 2 or 3 i think where
    Duhamel was all in with A5 against AK and sucked out there as well

  • sydneymassive 4 years ago

    You have to get lucky to win a tournament like this, look at all the past
    winners, they all got lucky at some stage.

  • SuperTinkerhell 4 years ago

    Someone should of given Duhamel a fucking carrot after that donkey fuckin
    play…A ten year old would of know he had kk or aa there in that
    hand.Lucky cunt

  • jackbauer27Psn 4 years ago

    @FolkeBernadotte what hand would have him dead on the turn? If you’re
    thinking kj it could still come a k on the river for a chop.

  • Ciro Golden 4 years ago

    we all love that small smile…. at the end 😉

  • coldbloodedkiz 4 years ago

    @Minsheme perfectly said

  • Raghy78d 4 years ago

    Duhamel wa lucky. Affleck played the hand risky. All-in preflop would maybe
    make him win the pot. But Matt wanted to double up. He nearly did… I
    would still say good play by Matt…

  • christoschar1988 4 years ago

    @SlyBoxer dude I agree with with you that poker is part luck and also part
    skill but 85% is luck and 15% is skill so the skills is not so important as
    the luck is and poker pros is those that have a lot of experience that
    doesn’t mean that has more skills than the other players that plays the
    game believe me!!

  • 25bananasaday 4 years ago

    at the start of the tournament they only have 10,000 chips. They trade in
    the smaller denominations for bigger ones as the blinds get really high.

  • Dave B 4 years ago

    Its situations like this that you have to consider that playing AA Postflop
    might not be the best idea against bigger stacks..Sucks to be Affleck

  • christoschar1988 4 years ago

    every gambling game is about luck because it depends on the odds not on how
    good you are in that if poker was only about how good you are we will have
    been seen every year the same nine players at the final table

  • let88it88be 4 years ago

    lol @ affleck’s eyes at 3:23 when the river falls. I thought he might have
    a hear attack.

  • Clyde Rembrandt 4 years ago

    This is not the worst call ever. The right price to call for this pot is
    8,969,100 chips in a cash game. However, in this stage of the main event
    the pay scale is quite steep, so perhaps over paying the roughly 2.65
    million chips was worth it. Moreover, there is an outside chance that
    Affleck has AK or was taking a stand against Duhamel’s earlier raises. Did
    Cada, Gold, and Yang get lucky when they won the main event?