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Online Poker


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  • holla4john100 4 years ago

    When you look at cards where do you focus camera at I rarely process two
    cards sometimes I barely see his cards

  • Darkstar8473 4 years ago

    I have no clue how to play poker and it really sucks that you have to in
    order to get that special bike …. god I fucking hate when devs put card
    games in.

  • neojuice 4 years ago

    I have been trying to clear a table for about 4 hours now I WONT THAT

  • InfinityEdge9000 4 years ago

    There’s a major bug/glitch I discovered in poker. When its 1 v 1, the AI
    always folds when he is dealing. I used the camera and saw he had J Q and
    he still folded pre flop. It always happens its so annoying to play
    against. Then when its my turn to deal, I call the pot and he always raises
    the pot. There must be some kinda programming error here. Anyone else
    having this issue? I’m playing on 10k stakes table.

  • momashi69 4 years ago

    Dude! You don’t know how many times I tried to clear out the table to get
    the LE Sayonara (really don’t give a shit about the money – 500k buys
    everything of any interested in the game). THANKS!!! This cheat tutorial
    made the poker eminently more manageable and the bike is totally worth it –
    handles and brakes so much better then non-LE version.

  • Caleb G 4 years ago

    I was playing medium stakes and couldn’t win even when I cheated, so I got
    up and blew all of their fucking heads off.

  • Yeah, no. 4 years ago

    Seems to me that if you get a pair in your hand that they’ll always fold
    instantly. That’s disgusting Ubisoft

  • Courtez Presberry 4 years ago

    also I have the book but I would like insight on how to properly use it.
    This is my first time purchasing a guide and I don’t fully understand how
    to use the collectors edition of this game… I don’t thought the guide was
    a walk-through but it’s not, so can someone from primagamesvideo help

  • thematt320 4 years ago

    i have over 2 mil lol

  • deanofcool 4 years ago

    This video didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. But besides that
    this needs a patch, I’ve been playing this for 6 hours and always bust out.
    And I’m normally good at poker games, I’ve won in every other poker game
    I’ve played. This version is BS. 

  • Courtez Presberry 4 years ago

    Can you post the link of where the walkthrough is at on primagames

  • Johnathan Ogir 4 years ago

    How to hack ATMs 

  • Jordi Eslotes 4 years ago

    Yesterday i won 300k with poker without the cameras the big table of 100k
    to play with PP

  • Zack P 4 years ago


  • Shanomando 4 years ago

    How can he look on and use his profiler without other players noticing?

  • Matt Miller 4 years ago

    I hate poker. I finally got to the last guy, he went all in with a 7 and an
    ace and I had an 8 and a 9. It was only the flop and the cards were 3 5 8
    so I think ive got this i the bag then suddenly a fucking ace drops down
    and a random jack and he wins a 14000 bet because hes ai and he knows the
    fucking cards. So i shot the cunt.

  • Exicuter1998 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot. It really helped me out.

  • lionblaze24 4 years ago

    No comments? Wait what

  • Arcralf 4 years ago

    Goddamnit YouTube, glitchy broken trash. Out of 200 entire hands, 11 were
    something that wasn’t just a high card for me. ALL OF THE OTHER HANDS were
    above a high card for the other 3, with about 100 being better than a one
    pair. I have never seen a game break it’s mini games so badly. That’s only
    one of the 20 or so reasons that watch dogs eats more dick than Duke Nukem.
    Poker is the worst part out of an already fucking hysterically bad game.
    Well, it isn’t even a game. It’s a massive lie with gimmicks for clothing
    and a shit story for skin.

  • Arcralf 4 years ago

    Watch Dogs has the worst poker in history. Out of 2