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An easy guide to cheating in poker in Watch Dogs…and winning! ********************************** For more Watch Dogs Easter Eggs and Goodies: https://www.y…
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  • John F 4 years ago

    There seems to be a glitch for poker in this game because half way through
    the game the buttons will stop working…I can’t bet, fold, or back out of
    the game. It’s happened to me twice so far. 

  • Nathan Douglas 4 years ago

    Can someone please gameshare watchdogs with me I can give you pre-ordered
    dragon age inquisition destiny and btf hardline

  • Video Game Sophistry 4 years ago

    Here’s the best way to cheat at Poker in Watch Dogs! 

  • John Rome Dela Rosa 4 years ago

    I like to have sex with your voice no homo

  • Kevin Kann 4 years ago

    Because of poker i quit watch dogs god 3 FUCKING HOURS TRYING TO GET THAT
    BIKE but no i destroyed the watch dogs cover now i have no were to hold the
    disc piece of shit poker the pawnee drinking game is easier than this shit
    pointless poker it made me quit watch dogs atleast i din’t destroy the

  • Matt Thompson 4 years ago

    stupid fuckin high roller poker make me break my controller, i got no
    fuckin luck with this shit cards fuck high roller and fuck poker I’m never
    playing poker again EVER

  • PloWarrior1 4 years ago

    I could crush that game if money was involved…

  • John McBeard 4 years ago

    Thought id share my poker strategy in WD.

    Ive raised just over 5 million playing Superstakes so have never had to
    worry about $$$ in the game. How I achieved this is reading the opponents
    with the stress level tool. If your opponent that you scan has 0-29% stress
    level its best to wait for another hand as they are strong. However, if an
    opponent sits around 31-38%, their hand isn’t very strong and will almost
    always fold to a strong bet (60-100% of the pot) even if you have 7-2o.
    (This tactic is my bread and butter to winning the Superstakes
    tournaments earning you another $300,000 from the other players plus a
    $300,000 bonus.) You can take a lot of pots unchallenged and grind them
    down. Someone posted below about a lot of pre-flop raising…this is
    absolutely correct…. especially on the button will get the other players
    to fold enough times to make it very profitable with any rag hand. The
    players don’t adjust for heads up and will still fold and fold as though
    they are at a full table. Its a good idea to be aggressive in these
    situations so you can knock players out before the blinds get too big and
    force the action. You also get stress levels up into the 40-50% range.
    Proceed with caution with that one. Ive seen both strong and weak hands
    being playing with that….either way they generally are ready to commit
    lots of chips.

    Hope this helps :)

  • nathan peters 4 years ago

    i have the same thing one of the players keep folding every time tho win
    play one table you have to win one round from all the three players end not
    whit two players left have that problem whit high and low stakes its like
    its inposibel tho win en they have good cards every round en i bad cards
    over en over again pretty fuckted up 

  • somebody1993able 4 years ago

    I should have known I just found a low stakes game and cleared them out.

  • ShellShock TheTruth 4 years ago

    too bad i dunno how to play poker even though i know their cards.. whats
    fold or bet?

  • Jeremy Weatherspoon 4 years ago

    I used the camera before I saw this and yes it really works on my ps3. It
    will kick you off the camera when its your turn to bet/call/check/fold. You
    can go right back to it tho. You want to try and be quick. If you focus the
    little box on the other players cards with the camera when the look at em
    Depending on the time spent focused on the cards it will show what they
    have on your screen. This leads be to believe that it is really ment to be
    and not a glitch.

  • NATHAN HUSSER 4 years ago

    You sound like andy biersack

  • there is a way to cheat even more than this, at least in PC version.
    1. change it to borderless or windowed mode. Maximize brightness.
    2. Move your vision until the opponent card u want to see is at right side
    of the screen. (or u can remote to a camera)
    3. Alt+Tab. Now u will see the “x-ray effect” of the card
    4. Now u can see the opponent card if he got any card from A to 10.
    5. u can also know he get a J/Q/K card. but there is no way to tell which 1
    he get, as J/Q/K “x-ray effect” are the same.
    6. There is also no way to tell what “flower”(spade/heart etc) of the card
    by this method.
    7. Use the camera to see opponent card first then use this method, u wil
    find yourself in a very favorable position, and with a bit of luck + poker
    skill, u can clear out the table with ease, and earn the bike. :P

  • Dan Hagan 4 years ago

    That’s not cheating though. It’s built in to the game, and I think at one
    point even says ‘hey you know you can use a camera to help yourself here’

  • sylvia aldana 4 years ago

    haha on xbox one, u dont have to remember, it shows what you see

  • Jordy Jay 4 years ago

    How come when I look at their cards I only get 1 or nothing? I RARELY get
    to see what both their cards are 

  • DomoPT 4 years ago

    theres actually another place where the cost is 100k

  • gamerargentus 4 years ago

    got stuck going 1 on 1 with guy on my left and he folds every time it’s his
    deal like they programmed that in or something to make it impossible to
    cheat cause he never checks his cards after initial deal

  • Marcel Lee 4 years ago

    Just pause the game like u will do at the guess the ball challenge only
    downside is u won’t be able to tell the difference for pictured cards it
    basically just appears as a big rectangle 

  • Cian Jamieson 4 years ago

    There are also cameras you can use for the low stakes poker game (top right

  • piratsindre17 4 years ago

    This is all well and good, except you never actually get good cards in the

  • Draz ᴴᴰ 4 years ago

    I’ve beaten 3 different tables and STILL I haven’t unlocked the motorcycle.
    What does “clear out” even mean? It requires you to clear out one poker
    table. Does thta mean to win one game? … 

  • nowimnothing30 4 years ago

    If you hover the pointer over their cards the game will save an image of
    them. You have to zoom in and get the pointer between both sets of cards
    but it is doable…