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Watch Dogs - Part 16 - Texas Hold 'Em Poker! (Let's Play / Walkthrough / Guide Gameplay)

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  • Thomas laCognata 4 years ago

    u should do an episode where u just screw around no missions

  • BuNNieSklZ 4 years ago

    Traffic Lights makes the traffic stop or go with makes them crash

  • dabears8897 4 years ago

    the stoplights make other cars who have a red light go and tbone the car
    you neutralize.

  • Joe S. 4 years ago

    hahahaha Trevor just wanted to play poker thats all. “You didnt even let me
    finish the hand bro that was rude..”

  • DaBeast1234 4 years ago

    Can you try to post 2 Watch Dog videos a day. That would be

  • bkhartman21 4 years ago

    Hey Viagra, thanks for the help! Problem solved

  • Syndicate Nation 4 years ago

    3rd. Honey, I’m home! I lost my left cancerous nipple!

  • Simon Ipek 4 years ago

    Facecam please +TmarTn +TmarTn2
    And longer episodes.
    And more Nba 2k

  • Joe Lotter 4 years ago

    TmarTn the stop lights make the lights go green so all of the cars go and
    if you are being chased activate it and a car crash will happen to help you

  • keegan parmelee 4 years ago

    i cant place a finger on her accent 

  • Thathystericalmoment 4 years ago

    obv itd be hard run through a stoplight with a bunch of car in it

  • Riho Pütsep 4 years ago

    Make longer episodes!

  • TmarTn2 4 years ago
  • Kablamo 4 years ago

    The traffic lights make all the cars run into the middle and crash.

  • Ryan Rosado 4 years ago

    Can someone send me the link to the poker part

  • gummybearslayer bob 4 years ago

    Crazy people always get me sad. ;(

  • CocoCrispy1337 4 years ago

    The traffic lights change all the lights to green, making everyone crash. 

  • Tobias Aarup 4 years ago

    i like that Tobias hacker beacaus my name is Tobias i don’t know why but
    i’m just happy

  • Logan Nassi 4 years ago

    god your a noob noob fucker ass licker

  • StyGamerz 4 years ago

    when you hack the traffic lights, they all turn green so all the cars start
    driving to create a car crash

  • Joshua Mixon 4 years ago

    I just want you all to know, if you ever need me, I build stuff. Ok? I do.
    I build stuff.

  • AverageJoe 4 years ago

    When I heard Tobias I thought of divergent, insurgent and alligwntt.

  • Christian Dewald 4 years ago

    Add,your subs from this and ur main channel you get alo of subs

  • Dopy Dinoz 4 years ago

    Trevor do an online lets play like in gta after you have finished the

  • bob parker 4 years ago

    Hey,hey guys guess what…… I build stuff