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Did you know that even if you bust out the 1st hand of a tournament you can still end up a winner? Water boat shows you how to talk your way into a moral vic…
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  • effyouful 5 years ago

    this guy is my hero – i be banned from pokerstars chat on the regular
    biatch – for saying things like ‘cuntniggerjew’

  • 91Holdem 5 years ago

    i hope water boat goes on another pilgrimage to france and plays some poker
    when he is there now that online is band in the states

  • OCPARKWAY 5 years ago

    Another classic LOL!

  • XFlex9 5 years ago

    whats the song

  • Gdayguy Matt 5 years ago

    typing with one hand, and massaging your thigh with the other?
    Hahahahahahahahaa hilarious.

  • sigalahe1 5 years ago

    Lol, did anyone notice he said “our anus” at the end?

  • lakatoshj 5 years ago

    I died of laughter when that guy called 500 on the flop with 6 high and no
    draw xD

  • RAKIMALLAH12 5 years ago

    god damn I couldn’t stop laughing

  • Matt Eady 5 years ago

    Yeah I learnt not to call a 3 bet in middle position with K-Jsu first hand
    of a tourny…….. If that was your intention then this was an excellent
    lesson thank you 😉

  • Drecon84 5 years ago

    what a dork.

  • rocketscience21 5 years ago

    Niiiice. All about the milk

  • Oliver Nordin 5 years ago

    gg sir

  • Luke Wilson 5 years ago

    Funniest of his that i’ve seen

  • deeeee64 5 years ago

    Strategy how to play bad

  • nachete33 5 years ago

    hilarious this first all in

  • AlexBkatzmann 5 years ago

    LOOL guess what? my sister let’s me drink her breast milk… u got that?
    didn’t think so

  • SheddHeadz 5 years ago

    @jorossv erry day all day erry night

  • Modestas Malakauskas 5 years ago

    Love all the silent sighs, adds so much depth to the character xD

  • ak2304 5 years ago

    sunday grind?

  • dominicasher1 5 years ago

    @91Holdem online is band in the states? does that mean they play music?

  • BeyondGender 5 years ago

    hahahahaha omg

  • nachete33 5 years ago

    hilarious this first all in, first your hand is not enough to raise and
    then you call the all in

  • HoopiesGoThrough 5 years ago

    @HarryIsTheGamingGeek oh ok, i just watched it.

  • justas8111 5 years ago

    great video, some really good advice and lots to learn, you inspired me of
    new way thinking in poker. :)

  • JJMerrill 5 years ago

    Thank you for this video on my birthday – keep up the grind brother