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2014 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) live online poker coverage – never miss a moment from the official PokerStars channel – watch the world’s bes…

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  • Helder Satin 4 years ago

    The deal chat ends at arround 1:18:00, so if you want to skip that boring
    thing just move up there, too bad for theNERDguy who could have taken $500k
    more home

  • misteryo so 4 years ago

    it wasn’t fun for nerdguy and neckbrake winning less money for 2nd and 3rd
    ouch but still congrats to you both good job…but that 19dan86 was the
    luckiest guy after that deal losing AK and all in on the button with A7
    against AQ of bigger stack :) the deal made him 500k richer lol lucky

  • Joe c 4 years ago

    neckbrake got ripped off, wish they didnt do the deal so 19dan86 would have
    taken 281k for being stubborn. LIke crown saying ” you dont want to give
    me money. Ok dan, Lets play – no deal.” Then they play and dan gets
    knocked out. tHat wud have been legendary. Then again, nobody deserves
    extra money. Take ICM or leave it.

  • MrJJoshson 4 years ago

    Disgusting greed really. ICM or winner take all or nothing IMO! NERDguy and
    Neckbrake were very generous. Hope they run good for a while. 

  • PokerBreak 4 years ago

    Zapis live stołu finałowego Main Eventu #WCOOP w którym piąte miejsce
    zajął grający pod polską flagą Faraz “The-Toilet 0” Jaka :)
    #poker #PokerStars 

  • Marvin P 4 years ago

    At 1:16 they agree to a deal and i closed the video.
    Was fun till then but deals destroy the game imo.
    The pressure is gone the game is basicly over.
    Still they play for 200 k but the game is not the same.

  • Rafael Montilla 4 years ago

    what about a 1/2 hour delay with hole cards.

  • hershysquirts187 4 years ago

    So are us Americans ever going to get to play on Pokerstars again? I mean
    this is fucking major bullshit.

  • Victor Fraga 4 years ago

    OMG FARAZ JAKA!!!!!!!

  • hasseeeee 4 years ago

    Why does Crazy Elior play via tab in this kind of sick final table o.O

  • Nathan Head 4 years ago

    This is outrageous lol jk

  • POKER x Kibow 4 years ago

    WCOOP 2014 Live Online Poker Tournament – Main Event – PokerStars #Poker

  • Kent Ekeroth 4 years ago

    my cock is huge