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  • Kevin Harrison 4 years ago

    how many runners were in this? and what was the buyin? Nice review!! 

  • Darrel Lyons 4 years ago

    I went in a 2,200man torny yesterday. I watched a few Gripsed videos to get
    me in the zone. I was runner really well and it looked like i couldn’t go
    wrong. Until i met kings. We got down to the last 31 and i had KK .. i got
    them all in against Q10 on a board of QT88T. Rivered! A few hands later i
    get kings. SB pushes his MASSIVE stack all in on me .. i call kith kings
    and he shows AT. The A came out on the turn to knock me out in 31/2200. I
    was not happy. Those kings ruined my chance of getting to the BIG MONEY!

  • Novzkl 4 years ago

    made 3 final tables in one week thanks to you

  • Glenn V 4 years ago

    pokerstove :p someone having troubles as well ? 

  • PATO MARK 4 years ago

    Awesome again Evan!

    Looking forward to the mental videos that you plan on releasing. I’ve never
    meditated/done yoga before so I look forward to learning about it from such
    a chill dude :P

  • bob bundy 4 years ago

    beer is my life

  • James Bowe 4 years ago

    your voice is so calming and great for poker, really useful listening to
    this when playing, thank you gripsed!

  • Keegan Budz 4 years ago

    Keep em coming Evan!, preferably more frequent?? ahha

  • Engels Villar 4 years ago

    Lol nice intro

  • Mardy Bum 4 years ago

    First to view. Thanks Evan!! Love your videos. Lets see how this Donk won
    this thing. JK lol

  • Pha Choun 4 years ago

    “stack it up,, cash it in!”

  • MultiKre 4 years ago

    Regarding the 99 hand at around 20:00
    Shoving 23 BBs seems to me like a bit too much?? Obv seems standard these
    days. But we have seen the SB shove pretty frequently and we are taking
    away all our remaining villains opportunity to make mistakes i.e. shove.
    Maybe a small inducing 3b? I am not really hating flatting either. Just a

  • Kevin Smiley 4 years ago

    loving the reviews man, honestly you are the reason that I’m ITM much more
    often these past couple months much respect Evan!

  • Eric Fernandes 4 years ago

    Wow. The A5s hand at the end is eye opening. I never would have thought
    that A5s has more equity than AQs/AKo. I understand there is a wheel draw
    there, but I still don’t quite get the odds. Because you could flop 234
    with A5 just as easily as you could flop TJQ with the AK couldn’t you? How
    does A5s have such good equity? What about A6s, A4s? Close?

  • Travis Taylor 4 years ago

    Hey Evan nice vid and thanks!!!!! Do you do reviews on Bovada poker? Been
    On good run this weekend 4 Final tables 1 3rd 2 2nds in smaller tourneys.
    One omaha hilo FT

  • Zack HS 4 years ago

    99 would u jam or 3bet there on the button Evan?

  • DerProTagonist 4 years ago

    Where is the link for the music at the end?

  • wakaphwap 4 years ago

    Blah blah blah