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Poker Basics


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  • playingfor4 5 years ago

    Her eyes looks trash :( She must have been awaka for a long time !

  • Tukkajumalatar 5 years ago

    The point is that she didn’t burn them I guess.

  • valdez87 5 years ago

    Why does Liv look so trashy in this? Or… why is the whole video just so
    trashy? Come on stars, you can do better than this, and use Dan, it’s what
    he’s being paid for… he’s the best at this stuff!

  • Andy Burrel 5 years ago

    they just go into the muck, a pile of dead cards

  • phobiazzzero 5 years ago

    nice kitchen

  • Pflibit 5 years ago

    bucktoothed cunt

  • anthony disanto 5 years ago

    I watch just to hear her voice LOVE her

  • qaz inwsx 5 years ago

    not! how much is the small blind? and the big blind?

  • DrugStabbingTime 5 years ago

    She can hear everything that you’re saying, Nicholas. What are you doing?

  • Mark Prince 5 years ago

    Like Blue Peter merged with some spewy Rolf Harrisy drawing programme. Spew

  • Billys Karagiannis 5 years ago

    She is really amazing!

  • Антон Мигин 5 years ago


  • Greg Wilker 5 years ago

    So what happened to the burn cards?

  • shiraq07 5 years ago

    wtf, too much makeup

  • Alex K. 5 years ago

    Nope, they’re in the Construct.

  • FreezinFury 5 years ago

    She would be bent over the table in seconds.

  • R Williams 5 years ago

    She’s intelligent, talented, erudite and is hotter than a very hot thing;
    is she real?

  • King Aces 5 years ago

    This is very funny… lol

  • MrKioup 5 years ago


  • Uchiha Madara 5 years ago

    she is so hoooooot

  • Tom Bass 5 years ago

    i only watched this for her

  • jjpyae 5 years ago

    I had trips.

  • MRrandomswedishstuff 5 years ago

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