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  • Andrej Vrazic 4 years ago

    *Win Poker Games Every Time With This Secret Cheat – Scam School*

  • SweetRepsKidd 4 years ago

    Who the fuck play poker with like 10 cards? Haha yeah right

  • historyskyz 4 years ago

    i should flag this with misleading title who in the hell plays poker with
    10 cards

  • Sam Bachmann 4 years ago

    That’s Jose from ep daily

  • Brian Manly 4 years ago

    Ummm, the second poker hand where you show the cards and they decide who
    gets them. He gives you a queen on the second card, then the third card is
    also a Queen. What idiot would give you both to give you a high pair off
    the get? Then he takes the Jack with his King……

  • C J Parrott 4 years ago


    Number 1 question is “what’s with the fricken hair?”

    2nd question might be “how to cheat at poker”

  • Bodhi Bird Studio 4 years ago

    So that’s what Bart Simpson looks like all growed up! 

  • James Grant 4 years ago

    Thanks dude I got some free money XD

  • George Williams 4 years ago

    FUCK mis-titled videos! “Cheap poker-based trick applicable in ZERO actual
    poker games”

  • MrJexTG 4 years ago

    Dude… Your hair looks wierd….. O.o

  • Cis Tabben 4 years ago

    Can someone tell me where i can buy THESE cards? :P

  • Barack Obama 4 years ago

    This would work… if poker was played with 10 cards..

  • Christian Decroze 4 years ago

    In Phase 2 (1:50 and 6:24), what if the spectator REFUSES the King ?

  • Gtsoumbos86 4 years ago

    when do you ever play with only 10 cards in poker this show is retarted!!!

  • Sarah Mellin 4 years ago

    What about Blackjack?

  • icefireisback619 4 years ago

    K Q Q J J J 8 8 8 even if you have the king, there is still a way to win
    with it in your hand but it will be rare as hell btw when he was showing
    all the cards where is the tenth card?? since each player would have a hand
    of five cards ? and im probally going to be wrong since i dont know the
    last card so what is it cuz the way i see it right now is that if you get
    the highest three of a kind and then a 8 with it no matter if you have the
    king or not you will win thats what i see so far

  • Zeke Siraneth 4 years ago

    about this trick… I never have to use it, I don’t cheat at poker… I get
    lucky draws that manage to beat out everyone (at my friend’s graduation
    party, we played a few hands… he may have won in the end, but he had to
    buy back in TWICE because of what he gave me on the DRAW! lol)

  • oskarsbmx 4 years ago

    If you look closely, it’s not a crown on his head.

  • Smith Brown 4 years ago
  • William Fentress 4 years ago

    straight bullshit

  • Chris Martin 4 years ago

    ya.. umm.. thats not poker or any kind of poker that i play. 

  • TheFlawless92 4 years ago

    Just 2 questions… how the fuck are you going to do it with a full deck?
    And the other thing, how are you going to cheat in a casino? (where you
    have 1 or more decks again)…. seriously 

  • AJ Rust 4 years ago

    Is this legal?

  • CynicalGenius 4 years ago

    2:02 – Yeah, I’m going to give you two queens because I’m stupid. That’s
    why you got three of a kind with three queens.

  • Mozarshton 4 years ago

    This is Legal but don’t get Caught they will kick your ass OFF!!