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Winning At Video Poker- The Only 4 Tips You Need To Win Big. these are the basic tips on how to win at video poker if you want to learn more about poker strategies visit our website.
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Video Poker


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  • kodey karthik 5 years ago

    sit and goes are my favorite, if you use a no deposit bonus you can get
    start for free. you dont need a credit card you can get $8 for free get it
    here POK22.COM In the cherry blossom’s shade there’s no such thing as a

  • Paul Smith 5 years ago

    This video is approved by casinos everywhere as you suckers will lose big
    following it…

  • CLK50000 5 years ago

    It’s no surprise that the recommendation is exactly what the casino wants
    you to do….that is, play the maximum bet every hand and play for as many
    hours as possible. This way they make the most money, duh……………

  • LtBitter 5 years ago

    @osmat1 thats cause this video is spam 😉

  • osmat1 5 years ago

    I used yor system and lost $400 at the Atlantic City HILTON

  • 24kGoldenRocket 5 years ago

    Last Tip…Only 2% of those who play will have the discipline necessary to
    follow the Optimal Strategy. THAT MEANS that there is a 98% chance that you
    are NOT one of them.

  • Bullsight2020 5 years ago

    Who narrated this video? I know that voice from somewhere.

  • 24kGoldenRocket 5 years ago

    First Tip…Video Poker and Poker are two entirely different games with a
    different strategy. (e.g. You cannot bluff a machine.) Second Tip…Most
    Video Poker Machines are set with a Long Term Advantage to the House. If
    you are playing one of those games in the long term you will lose
    everything that you have. Third Tip…There are SOME games in Nevada that
    have the Long Term Advantage set to the player. If you want to win you must
    find those games. Continued…

  • dasch3028 5 years ago

    this vid blows ass

  • juicyCAKES555 5 years ago

    This is the same voice as “Then you can have as much candy as you damn well
    please” LMFAO

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