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Winning Poker Strategy - How To Play The Flop in No-Limit Hold'em

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  • goboats 5 years ago

    Duc I like to call and take one card to see the turn if not to pricey
    …that might slow villian down ….Then if he checks the turn I lead out
    to test him ,depending what card comes of course, keeping in mind that he
    was the raiser and had a good chance of hitting that flop.But many times he
    will fold to the 4th street lead out having raised with a midsize pocket pr
    or suited connectors. Either way That turn bet gets you a ton of info and
    maybe even a free card on the river If he thinks he might be beat , GL

  • soave jara 5 years ago


  • Duc Phung 5 years ago

    how about calling with a medium/kinda-big pairs out of position, and high
    cards dropped? Say, calling with TT and flop came Axx

  • Asen Vasilev 5 years ago


  • ilovejollyranchers 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot for the videos, I’m watching your videos as review and I
    really like how you, opposed to other videomakers, explain why you are
    doing what you are doing instead of just saying “make this play because its
    standard”. For example, a lot of people always say “Dont donk bet, its
    bad”, but I like how you go over when donk betting is appropriate and why
    it is appropriate. Thank you sirrrrr

  • SUPERMAXINHO 5 years ago

    too much saliva

  • mare pokerman 5 years ago

    what does tourney pre flop shoving when you got other people covered got to
    do with optimal post flop play? pour me a cup too..

  • mike ebs 5 years ago

    so do not raise wet boards like K,Q,J but with 6,7 bluff if the board shows
    A,K,Q i don’t understand i guess you mean to do this only if they have a
    wide hand range?

  • DarkSkay 5 years ago

    Nice guide. I play small stakes MTTs on Poker Stars, usually 2-4 of them at
    the same time. Starting with 1500 chips and blinds at 20/10, usually the
    stack quickly falls below 40BB. My problem: I have very little information
    on opponents for several reasons (few hands played, frequent table change
    etc.) and I don’t use forbidden stat trackers. How to play when you have no
    or insufficient information on your opponents?

  • jkmartyns 5 years ago

    I didn’t know Steven Wright analyzed poker???????

  • watchmeslapyous 5 years ago

    You’d understand what he was saying if you weren’t a complete fucking
    retard. With donkey moves.

  • mongo bongo 5 years ago

    Thanks for the vid. Good advice. Next time, try not to swallow so loudly.
    It’s gross.

  • MrCordezzz 5 years ago

    thank you so much. great video

  • DopeSince92 5 years ago

    Same here -3

  • Rakly3 5 years ago

    I love to open with a strong hand, hit the flop and check, then take their
    over the top bet 😀

  • ATSknifeworks 5 years ago

    How do you get %20 fold equity when you get raised with middle/small pp ?
    Please explain

  • Fred Flintstone 5 years ago

    nice presentation .. full marks!

  • mellotroniac 5 years ago

    Hi, Dragokon09 here. I saw that you have make some short of contact with
    me. Please tell me what it is, i dont know what it is.

  • Jason Langford 5 years ago

    your theory is sound i’ll watch the rest. Perhaps you should set up a pay
    cite, when i was young and spent most of my time in pool halls if you asked
    a guy to show you something for free, it was considered a insult. Knowledge
    gets the money, And money gets the knowledge. Peace.

  • Mario M 5 years ago

    I agree..

  • Unflushablepiss 5 years ago

    gripsed ur a boss. keep the videos coming.

  • ~*dj ZMX*~ 5 years ago

    /me writes on the chalkboard 100 times “KQJ is wet… KQJ is wet…”

  • Darknes84065 5 years ago

    Yikes! This guy needs to learn how to not swallow into the mic. I can’t
    bear to listen to the videos for this reason alone, despite the content
    being excellent. I cringe every single time.

  • MrCordezzz 5 years ago

    then dont listen to them… why do we need to know your a little gay who
    gets excited by hearing other men swallow??

  • brennan davis 5 years ago

    This shit is boring