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The World Poker Tour (WPT) is a series of international poker tournaments and associated television series broadcasting the final table of each tournament. I…
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  • Ragnabyte 5 years ago

    Hoyt’s pain is a three-letter word.

  • Ragnabyte 5 years ago

    wth Daniel isn’t older?!! 31 years this year? I’m older than him, I thought
    he was much older than me lol

  • AKraised 5 years ago

    commentor says, “I can’t could u call me with Q9 off suit..i
    can’t believe”..cause HE CAN. lol.

  • MahMah 5 years ago

    Add Esfandiari to the list. He is entertaining!

  • Peter Ulrik Röder 5 years ago

    Uncanny poker instincts: Staying around in a hand with bottom pair and a
    straight draw…

  • JiveDadson 5 years ago

    Great Hoyt!

  • saiko Somatic 5 years ago

    I love daniels play!

  • Robbedoes Botox 5 years ago

    17:30 ohhhhh Shana 😛

  • ladyemi 5 years ago

    Gus Hansen is a MAN.

  • dssgavoodoo 5 years ago

    @33:55 I just came.

  • MrJoedanmin 5 years ago

    lol shana at 8:40

  • silversamurai5 5 years ago

    hot action ans shes half naked lol

  • ghs224 5 years ago

    Stupid dumb ugly clown with sunglasses and a hat.

  • MrSausagefingers1 5 years ago


  • Peter Ulrik Röder 5 years ago

    Only a total donk would have folded to Negranus small bet on the river with
    King-high…What are these idiot commentators talking about????

  • MrEC324 5 years ago

    Daniel has been playing great ever since, too!

  • Leandro the light 5 years ago

    Crazy Dane!!!!!!!! wow this is real poker

  • taiwangx 5 years ago

    why wwe boss is talking?

  • AKraised 5 years ago

    Look at these amateurs all pissed off cause they all play by the book
    hahaha. bunch a retards.

  • rmwhetstone 5 years ago

    38:18 is a string bet

  • Leandro the light 5 years ago

    When great players are on the table, there’s no only a good game, there’s
    entertainment… that’s why I like Ivey, Hellmuth, Dwan, Hansen,
    Negreanu…. and so on ….

  • Nanvlolo L 5 years ago

    fucking Gus the most lucky handsome

  • emiltsuimunsang 5 years ago

    gus hansen is so amazing

  • MahMah 5 years ago

    They all talk about online poker. Isn’t that illegal in the US?!! I’m

  • absoluttchamp 5 years ago

    I think that goes for his balls also…