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The World Poker Tour (WPT) is a series of international poker tournaments and associated television series broadcasting the final table of each tournament. I…
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  • hahaiownyou1337 5 years ago

    look up “poker M”

  • Ronald J 5 years ago

    What’s going on in the background there at 38:20???

  • bdbestballer 5 years ago

    very mature

  • napalms16 5 years ago

    omg jim carrey plays poker??

  • frank satterfield 5 years ago

    stress? anxiety? when someone calls your all in, you can finally show
    emotions. you don’t have to hide the fact that you are excited about
    possibly being one step closer to winning millions of dollars… or going
    home because of a bad call/bad beat.

  • J.B.S 5 years ago

    There has been loads of times youth.

  • John Carney 5 years ago

    Asians gamble like crazy. They lose if you just let them.

  • cosmosgato 5 years ago

    Screw it just for fun I’m going to go to Foxwood casino throw away some
    money 😉

  • joe soap 5 years ago

    with clowns playing like that no wonder it is the most stupedis game in the

  • nehat ceka 5 years ago

    JC bingo player idiot.

  • MrBennjjo 5 years ago

    this is tournament play, which makes a big difference…

  • |★GamerJohn®!★| 5 years ago

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    deposit bonus. you can get 5 pounds to start playing go here >>

  • John Carney 5 years ago

    Allen you are an idiot..sorry…6 million call with K8 off and he hits
    it…they are idiots today in poker.

  • bagser1 5 years ago

    Can’t help but feel bad for JC, sick beat

  • liudawg888 5 years ago

    why does everybody at the table stand up after every all in

  • John Carney 5 years ago

    JC played like a maniac…no skill, no brains.

  • Mark Johnson 5 years ago

    Alan. Nobody clapped because K 8 off isnt a hand to call.

  • John Carney 5 years ago

    Asian players are crazy.

  • John Carney 5 years ago

    Genius of poker and he goes allin with 55?

  • frank satterfield 5 years ago

    in heads up, with large blinds, you must start being aggressive with
    semi-good hands, because if you have 8 or 10 big blinds left in you, you
    might not see anything better before you are blinded out.

  • tonyhoo123 5 years ago

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    deposit bonus. you can get 5 pounds from this poker site get it here:

  • LiquorAndBlues 5 years ago

    Lol, Alan the “King of Suckouts”

  • dietoolife 5 years ago

    Maybe you’re watching the wrong matches? Duh!

  • leang kang 5 years ago

    i think jc tran over play with his 77s dont have to gameble there he got
    the chip lead.

  • JiveDadson 5 years ago

    They probably made a deal when it got down to two.