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Testing Viral Videos and YouTube Viewing Growth by The 1989 World Series of Poker (WSOP) was held at Binion’s Horseshoe. The 1989 M…
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  • Steven Acrey 5 years ago


  • baixaki349 5 years ago

    Those dealers were the worst

  • NextLevelTingz 5 years ago

    so does chan

  • HarleyFace 5 years ago

    Yeah he hasn’t won a bracelet in almost 5 years but in 2011 he finished 2nd
    in three tournaments.A real loser huh?

  • chiphead777 5 years ago

    @madpuppy54 phil hellmuth ruined poker? what? u realise he is one of the
    best to play the game, he has 11 bracelets! give him some credit

  • backstreetbabexxx 5 years ago

    nice acne phil

  • royalredus 5 years ago

    Good for Philly! I hope he popped the cork on a big ol’ bottle of Proactiv
    to celebrate.

  • theperre007 5 years ago

    if another Q or 10 fell then there would be a double pair on the table and
    would johnny chan win, with a Jack he would have a straith and with a King
    he would indeed loose, good remark

  • angurisloud 5 years ago

    Phil looks like the guy from the 70’s show…

  • Benjamin Levy 5 years ago

    Whats it like in the year 2020?

  • HarleyFace 5 years ago

    He has 11 bracelets more than anyone in the game.So what do you mean still

  • jogga16 5 years ago

    music at the end is friggin amazing.

  • TheChosenRace777 5 years ago

    Johnny the coke is on your nose

  • Fred A 5 years ago

    @kidnation1983 Yup. Good observation.

  • nonqueerguy 5 years ago

    once a weiner always a weiner

  • ZbotakZ 5 years ago

    Luckily he didnt whine after the win. He called the raise with A7?? honey
    he called the raise with A7..

  • kidnation1983 5 years ago

    How would a King on the river win the hand for Chan? They said any higher
    card than a ten on 5th street would win it for Chan. What about another
    King? That gives Hellmuth a full house and Chan 3 of a kind. Big mistake in
    analyzing that.

  • GaChristianHY 5 years ago

    @madpuppy54 I dunno, winning the Main Event back-to-back seems pretty
    unfeasible already.

  • redhidus 5 years ago

    imagine Ace on flop 😛 “that fckin donk called with A7?”

  • bgmainx 5 years ago

    Philly forever!

  • YoureSmokingCrack 5 years ago

    o i love 99z

  • SanativeRevolution 5 years ago

    Love the Walkman headphones… LOL

  • NextLevelTingz 5 years ago

    Hellmuth won 12 bracelet this year….don’t u feel dumb

  • aRsh0 5 years ago

    @strifed169 what u think when u get 30+ u get another voice break? =)

  • Chris L 5 years ago

    The guy announcing is an IDOT , he’s and IDOT , the announcer cant even
    spell Poker.