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  • Gray Hat 4 years ago

    wtf @1:51 ….

  • Joannderson Lucena 4 years ago

    Alguem tem o link desse jogo(ISO)?? pra Xbox….?

  • Jesse Butin 4 years ago

    I love this game…

  • Tbone155817 4 years ago

    @Zesazerty So you actually LIKE this game?

  • MarshMelon.COM 4 years ago

    actuall stilll one of the best./

  • MarshMelon.COM 4 years ago

    [ ..] ~ I don’t know if there is a ps2 version.

  • MarshMelon.COM 4 years ago

    [ ..] ~LOL, for those guys you have to play Poker night 2…. I got a video
    up of that game…

  • TheNosyGecko 4 years ago

    @whiteboy311kn no it would be all random, since that would defeat the point
    of the game if the same hands come up because you could only do the career
    once ;D

  • BraceletAccumulatrT2 4 years ago

    Luke Howard. What a douche.

  • Dirk Daring 4 years ago

    A lot of people still play WSOP 2008. If you think the Black Ops rage is
    funny, you should hear some of the people playing this game.

  • MarshMelon.COM 4 years ago

    [ ..] ~I am not sure, but i think they are.

  • MarshMelon.COM 4 years ago

    @Grayhatt Everyone folded lightning fast…

  • MarshMelon.COM 4 years ago

    [ ..] ~undisputed, it may be the only one to come since the poker bubble
    has popped.

  • Jordi Karssen 4 years ago

    are there still playing people online games?

  • girlsprint96 4 years ago

    best poker game

  • checkfoldcallraise 4 years ago

    lol, the flop! “thats what my ex-wife said on our honey moon night Lon!” lol

  • Homer Simpson 4 years ago

    so much better graphics on 360.. pc graphics on this game suck

  • Tweak Tweakker 4 years ago

    To the AI programmer, who ever you are, I commend you for an excellent job
    you did for this game. This is the best AI’s I have ever played. I just
    hope there will be another sequel with the same graphics (unlike Full House
    Pro) and customizable tournament structures and an optional clock for
    custom tournaments. My friends and I, we all love to play this on LAN with
    the AI’s in MTT.

  • Eldmaister08 4 years ago

    cool game)

  • MarshMelon.COM 4 years ago

    @TheeNameIsBrandon Best poker game. The computer in this game is definately
    beatable once you learn it tho.

  • Tweak Tweakker 4 years ago

    The 360 version looks way much better that the PC. The way the player
    counted his bet in 0:33 is something I’ve never seen in the PC version. Is
    there a patch for that for the PC version? I still play this game! The AI
    of this game is Superb and is still a competitive practice game even until

  • Zesazerty 4 years ago

    @Tbone155817 i won my first bracelet on this game..

  • Zesazerty 4 years ago

    @Tbone155817 u prick

  • MarshMelon.COM 4 years ago

    [ .]~ I can still play this game from time to time. I worked with one of
    the artists on this game before.

  • Tbone155817 4 years ago

    @Zesazerty What do you mean by won your first bracelet?