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  • DanieINegreanu2424 5 years ago

    @azaacu5871 Lmao. Okay I’ll hook you up my FTP name = gaglup4510 =] And yes
    I discovered on Full Tilts official blog last wednesday you can currently
    register an account on their webpage using the promo code SPECIALS but you
    cant allready have an account on their site.It’s a great promo deal. Make a
    deposit and they DOUBLE it also multiple other nice perks. Sucks but it’s
    only gonna work for the first 1000 people that sign up with it

  • ilovebowling11 5 years ago

    @lakaihellroseomega im not sure but i think they use it to pay whoever made
    the money

  • Kristian 5 years ago

    so eastgate won 9 mil? what happened to other 170mil? i dont get poker